Friday, June 27, 2008

Nature-deficit Disorder

If you haven't heard of this diagnosis, apparently has penned this diagnosis for kids who spend more than 45 hours a week in front of TV or a video game—which according to them is most of today's kids. Yikes! As any of you who have heard me speak know, I am all for getting kids out from in front of the TV or computer screen and into books and imaginative writing. Having just vacationed in Colorado where everyone either hikes, bikes, kayaks, runs, skateboards, and/or skis, I'm glad to see that this state seems to be working in the right direction. For information on environmental education and ideas on how to get kids outdoors, check out Travelocity's website. The Rocky Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, and the Mid-west prairies are homegrown cures to Nature-deficit disorder--take it from me, the writer turned biker!Technorati Tags:
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