Sunday, July 26, 2009

AnAuthor World Interview

I must be famous. Upon arriving at the Charlotte Douglas Airport when I was headed to Chautauqua,NY, I looked around for an empty outlet to plug in my laptop. I approached a man sitting next to the only available spot and asked him if I could use the outlet. He looked at me and said, "You must be Carol Baldwin!"

Actually, the man who recognized me was Tim Davis, co-founder with Pam Zollman of AnAuthor World in Greenville, SC. He had previously contacted me to see if I wanted to participate in a kick-off conference they are holding on August 15, to which I agreed. A few weeks later Tim saw my name on the list of Highlights Writers Workshop participants. We discovered we were on the same flight, and he suggested interviewing me in the airport. We had a lively conversation about books we've loved, writing and illustrating for children, flying, children, churches, and cousins.

True to his word, Tim's interview with me was just posted on AnAuthor World. If you are interested in writing and illustrating for children consider attending this reasonably priced one-day event. You can see the schedule and register here.

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Jean said...

I'm planning to be there, Carol!


elysabeth said...

Dang - I wish I could be there - but I just don't have the funds this go round. I know Pam and told her I'd be interested in doing a workshop or something later as they progress. If I do well at the homeschool conference in Charlotte next weekend (surprised you aren't going to be there) I may be able to go to the one day conference the following weekend. I need to make contact with Pam about registering late if I do well next weekend.

I missed this posting for some odd reason or didn't read it when the email came in - lol - how terrible of me - hope you had a great time in NY. One of the other 4RV authors was there also - she was in an electric scooter, had gotten a scholarship for the whole retreat. She said she had a good time. I haven't really paid much attention to see what all she has posted about it. I've been swamped - anyway - good deal and maybe I'll meet you there (if the funds come in and it looks like I can). See you in the postings - E ;)

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