Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Help Preserve NCCAT's Future

Yesterday I received the following email from Elizabeth A. Gillespie,
Public Communication Specialist, at NCCAT. She wrote:

"The Senate Education Appropriations Subcommittee will begin working on its budget proposal this week; we need you to contact these committee members with the same wonderful messages you sent to House members. Urge them to fund NCCAT. Your personal experiences with NCCAT and your views on why NCCAT is important to education in NC are essential; please keep getting the message out there. This economic crisis will not last forever but if NCCAT dies during this economic downturn, we will never get it back. Future teachers will not experience the rich opportunities NCCAT can provide to improve their instructional practice, expand their content knowledge, and enrich their professional lives.

"The members of the Senate Committee on Education/Higher Education Appropriations are listed below; just click on a name for contact information. These Senators will draft the Senate's education budget; we hope you will contact them and express your views about NCCAT as soon as possible. We believe the budget will move very fast through the Senate, so please don't delay. We hope you will share with us any responses you receive from legislators.

"Nothing is more important than the quality of the teacher in the classroom-nothing! You truly do hold the future in your hands. Thank you for your abiding belief in your students and their potential, and for your deep dedication to their success. And thank you too for being an advocate for the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching. We are working hard to support you and help you be the best you can be! Please help us keep NCCAT alive!"


Co-Chairman Sen. Tom Apodaca email: Tom.Apodaca@ncleg.net

Co-Chairman Sen. Jean Preston email: Jean.Preston@ncleg.net

Co-Chairman Sen. Jerry W. Tillman email: Jerry.Tillman@ncleg.net


Sen. Charlie S. Dannelly email: Charlie.Dannelly@ncleg.net

Sen. Linda Garrou email: Linda.Garrou@ncleg.net

Sen. Bob Rucho email: Bob.Rucho@ncleg.net

Sen. Dan Soucek email: Dan.Soucek@ncleg.net

If you have already sent your representatives an email, then it will take you less than 5 minutes to copy that email to your senators. Please join me in preserving NCCAT. If you haven't sent an email, feel free to copy my letter which I posted on a previous blog.

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