Saturday, December 15, 2018

Four Seasons of Fun: A Review and Picture Book Giveaway

This is my fourth book to give away in time to mail before the holidays. I may squeeze in another review next week--but no guarantees. If you don't hear from me for a little while it's because I'm taking a break. But no worries--I'll be back in your inbox with more reviews, updates on Half-Truths, and writing tips next year.

Some of you wonder how I'm able to give away so many books. I'm fortunate to regularly receive picture books from Sleeping Bear Press as well as audio books through Tantor Audio and Recorded Books. Other books I read about on social media and I approach the publisher for a review copy. Occasionally, authors approach me to do a cover reveal and I try to accompany that with a book review and giveaway. It's a win-win situation for all of us. I get to read a ton of books and share them with you!


Study the magnificent cover of this new picture book from Sleeping Bear Press. Purchase it for a young reader and the two of you can search for this tree through the poems about the changing seasons by Pamela Duncan Edwards. Illustrated by Sylvie Daigneault, Four Seasons of Fun will be a pleasure to read aloud and share with your favorite little reader. Kudos to art director, Felicia Mascheke for the concept of the changing tree for each season.

Study the cover and imagine the picture that goes with this text which welcomes spring:

Glittering sunbeams make a golden crown
for a tree that is wearing a blossom gown.
Out from a burrow two black eyes peep;
groundhog has finished his winter sleep. 

The summer tree is growing fruit!

Shimmering now in leafy green,
the tree stands tall, a royal queen. 
Sheltering a nest where babes lie snug,
beaks reaching up for a tasty bug.
The fall tree is ready to be picked; its fruit finds a home inside a pie.
Whispering secrets to the soft wind blowing 
the tree rustles and dances, 
yellow leaves glowing. 

Even the bare tree of winter is spectacular in its coating of ice.

Sparkling with frost, 
the tree's branches are bare; 
a fox lifts her snout  
and sniffs at the air.

The book shows diverse characters enjoying different seasonal activities. I love the imagery in Pamela Duncan Edwards' poetry and the accompanying illustrations by Sylvie Daigneault. The ending is just right--as the seasons begin all over. I can picture a K-first grade teacher using this in a classroom discussion about the seasons.


Leave me a comment by December 17 along with your email address if you are new to my blog. For an extra chance, either follow my blog or refer a friend who decides to follow it. (Both you and your friend will be entered twice; make sure you both leave comments and indicate this.) USA addresses only. 


Susan said...

Thanks Carol - these illustrations are beautiful!

Carol Baldwin said...

YEs they are, Susan! A great book to share with a grand baby!

Kathy d said...

This looks like another fabulous book! Beautiful illustrations and what a great way to discuss seasons. Thanks for sharing!

Carol Baldwin said...

You're welcome, Kathy!

Rosemary Basham said...

Looks wonderful!

Carol Baldwin said...

You're in Rosemary!!

Connie Porter Saunders said...

This is a lovely book and it sounds perfect to share with my granddaughter. She loves nature and this perfectly illustrates the four seasons.
Thank you and Blessings!

Connie Porter Saunders said...

Carol I just shared on FB and tagged my niece who is a teacher and the children's librarian at my library. I already follow your blog.


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Connie. You're in twice--thanks for sharing my blog with your niece. I appreciate you following my blog!

Gail Hurlburt said...

The illustrations are lovely! What a neat book! Grandkids would LOVE it!

Gail H.

Carol Baldwin said...

You're in Gail!

Melodye said...

Oh wow, I just love the premise of this book. And the poems. And the illustrations. What a treat for some lucky winner/reader!!!! Thanks for your boundless enthusiasm for great books, Carol, and your generosity. Happy Holidays!!

Linda Townsend said...

Love the poems and the illustrations! Thanks for the giveaway!

I've also shared this via Twitter.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Linda. I entered your name twice.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Connie. I entered your name twice.

Grannyjo said...

Looks like a great book, the illustrations look beautiful! Carol, I tried to share on Facebook, let me know if it didn’t go through, have never “shared” before!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for posting on FB, Jo Lynn!

moonstormer said...

Hope I'm still in time! Looks like a lovely book about the cycles of the year with really pretty illustrations.

Carol Baldwin said...

I'm sorry, Zoe, but I already picked a winner. Please follow my blog for my chances to read/win books next year! Thanks for stopping by. Carol

Unknown said...

This looks like a beautiful book. I love poetry collections for kids. I will check this one out. Thanks for the review.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Gracie. I hope you will look for this book--both the poetry and art are terrific!

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