Friday, April 13, 2007

First Picture from Scotland, view from Cramond

These bunkers were put in during WWII to prevent the Germans from invading Scotland.

The Firth of Forth

My husband Creighton is standing outside a pub frequented by RL Stephenson, as we were going into Cramond.

Cramond Village

Creighton and I happened upon this beautiful coastal village.

Urquhart Castle

Dating back to the 13th century, we climbed around these castle ruins.

Loch Ness

No monsters the day we saw Loch Ness!

the Highlands

My favorite picture

Lisa, Lori, & Lydia in the Highlands

Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh Castle

Above the Writer's Museum- Inscriptions like this were not uncommon

I loved this clock tower

Our trusty guide

No WalMarts, but how about a Woolworths?

Typical street scene

Transporation for the rich

A "close" or alleyway.

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