"I contacted Mrs. Baldwin to present a program for adults on writing at the Steele Creek Library.  I was impressed by her workshop selections as well as her qualifications.  Since 2011, I have invited her to do a summer program for teens at the Steele Creek Branch (2012) and the Matthews Branch (2013) libraries.  Each of the three programs was very different and tailored for the appropriate age group and interest level.  She was prompt and prepared every time.  I feel her style with the attendants, no matter the age, was reassuring, supportive, and knowledgeable. She was very flexible and I believe this is a key trait when working with the public." Jeanenne Reid Robinson, Teen Librarian.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “You are a magnificent mentor.  Thanks again for a rewarding semester. The instructor was exceedingly well prepared and offered far more than I expected." Sheila T. CPCC student, Fall 2014

“I really enjoyed your writing class. Thanks for investing your wisdom and experience in me and the other sprouting writers in our fiction writing workshop class.” Scott K. CPCC student, Summer 2013 & Fall 2014

“I happened upon Carol Baldwin's name when I was searching for a creative writing class for my son and found Carol's blog.  In it she mentions her passion for reading and writing and how much she likes teaching kids -- a perfect combination.  Carol made the class fun and interesting for the kids.  My son looked forward to each session with excitement.  After just 4 sessions, I saw a huge improvement in his writing and I continued the classes for 4 more sessions.  I am very pleased with what I've seen so far with my son's writing.  Thank you, Carol!”  Sharmila P. Summer 2014

"Probably the most helpful thing for me personally was 'Show don’t Tell.' Showing can apply to tons of things in life. For one example, when you’re trying to remember a fact: if you repeat it to yourself over and over you’ll remember it to a degree. On the other hand, if you show the fact to yourself in your brain though a mental image (I personally create a short story mentally, in which the fact I am trying to remember is weaved into a series of images) you often will recall it much more quickly, accurately, and retain it for far longer. Even in my speech I find myself showing, to a degree, what I am trying to say rather than telling; I have often found this approach more effective then the latter.  
And I haven't even mentioned story writing yet. The 'Show Don’t Tell' method is essential to novels. I have found myself even critiquing the writing of some of my favorite authors, and noting how various parts/sections could be improved through a little showing. I also love to see when people use personification in their writing, attributing inanimate objects with living traits. 
Overall, I found the class enjoyable and more helpful than any of the fiction-writing books I had read previously. Before your class I was oblivious to all these different things, and I had no idea of how much I was missing out on! Since the class half my joy of reading is in critiquing and trying to figure out how I could refine other people's writing. It has opened up a whole other world for me. I would definitely take this class a second time." Alex M, 17. Fall, 2016

"I have 'happy tears' reading all the blogs!!! I LOVE it Carol. Thank you for sharing this experience from the students perspective." Donna Shanks-Major, Explore the Arts coordinator.  Summer 2017

"I had an amazing time this week and I believe the things you taught me will, like you said, help me with all types of writing. So thank you!!" Lillie H. rising 6th grader. Summer 2017.

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