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In case you and I have never met, I am passionate about all things literary: reading, writing, and teaching writing. I live in Charlotte, NC, am a team member of Write2Ignite, and am active in Women's National Book Association.

I have written for many local and national publications and presented at numerous writing and educational conferences. I have published two nonfiction books and am now working on my first young adult novel, Half-Truths, that takes place in Charlotte, NC in 1952. As a SCBWI member for over twenty-five years, I am committed to promoting great literature for children and young adults.

Available through Capstone Press
New to fiction writing? Check out my workshops which I customize for adults, kids, and homeschool groups. Shoot me an email and we'll figure out how I can help you write your story!

Outside of writing, the three G's in my life are grandkids, gardening, and golf.


Unknown said...

Hi Carol!I enjoyed the interview with the author.Looking forward to reading the book soon!Sounds like you are doing well! Blessings - Elaine Mac

Unknown said...

Hi Carol. I open your page a lot but never reply.

Just wanted to day hi. Tom
Hannon. From The Villages. We met in
Millards group You beat me at golf once. I assume you are no
Longer a Village people

Hope all is well with you

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Tom. In the Villages off and on. Still writing though!

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