In case you and I have never met, I am passionate about all things literary: reading, writing, and teaching writing. I live in Charlotte, NC, am a team member of Write2Ignite, and am a volunteer publicist for Monarch Educational Services.

I have written for many local and national publications and presented at numerous writing and educational conferences. I have published two nonfiction books. My debut YA historical novel, Half-Truths will come out in June 2025. As a SCBWI member for over twenty-five years, I am committed to promoting great literature for children and young adults.

Available through Capstone Press

New to fiction writing? Check out my workshops which I customize for adults, kids, libraries, and homeschool groups. Shoot me an email and we'll figure out how I can help you write your story!

Outside of writing, the three G's in my life are grandkids, gardening, and golf.


Unknown said...

Hi Carol!I enjoyed the interview with the author.Looking forward to reading the book soon!Sounds like you are doing well! Blessings - Elaine Mac

TJ Hannon said...

Hi Carol. I open your page a lot but never reply.

Just wanted to day hi. Tom
Hannon. From The Villages. We met in
Millards group You beat me at golf once. I assume you are no
Longer a Village people

Hope all is well with you

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Tom. In the Villages off and on. Still writing though!

Unknown said...

Hi Carol my name is Beverly Smith. I am a mixed media fiber artist with a focus on quilts.
I am overwhelmed with your analysis and reviews of many books, particularly Tomorrow's Bread.
I am fortunate to have an art studio in the Grace AME Zion Church located on 3rd and Brevard in Charlotte. It is one of three original buildings remaining from the Brooklyn Community.

Doing some research, I discovered my great cousin Rev. Isreal J.Jackson preached at the church in 1940. He died of a heart attack in the pulpit in 1941. When I was growing up, my family always told the story, but I had no idea about the details.

Now, I have stumbled upon your blog adding more richness to the story! If ever you are in the area, please pay a visit.

Carol Baldwin said...


Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is interesting to me to find out who finds my blog! Your work sounds fascinating.


TJ Hannon said...

Hi Carol. Hope all is well with you. I occasionally read your blog but most time ps I just skim through it
I should take a few minutes out of my day when you post and give you a little more respect. We have both grown since our days in Millards writing group in The Villages.

I have just published my fourth book and of the 39 reviews on Amazon, 38 of them are 5 star. The other is 4 star. Only half of the reviewers are people I know. I use the name TJ. Hannon

Book #1 is selling well while the other three are lagging behind due to covid and lack of marketing. I had three book signings cancelled , although Idid have two articles in The Daily Sun and another in a local paper on Long Island i have also done one radio interview and was on The Villages news in an interview. With the virus rounding the corner and having ny two vaccinations I should be able to jump on thr saddle again and begin to market.
Hope you are doing well

Carol Baldwin said...

Glad to hear from you Tom, and congratulations on your fourth book. I am still working on Half-Truths. I picked a difficult topic and have gone back and forth between Young adult and middle grade MANY times. Received great input from an agent so am revising again. I'm also working on a few picture book ideas. Thanks for stopping by!


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