Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ever press "send" on an e-mail and then think of what else you wanted to say? That happened to me when I read two articles in the October issue of the Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy and found more websites to help teachers who are integrating technology into their classroom instruction.

First of all, for safety on the internet go to: Safekids.com. Better yet, have your students go there first and ask them to comment on one of the many articles posted there. (Perhaps on your classroom blog or wiki?)

For more information on podcasts, try one of these:

1. a Apple-sponsored website on podcasts.

2. The Education Podcast Network

3. The "How To Podcast" website

4.Create & share podcasts

Imbee: a social networking + educational site for young people.

Finally, if you want to try something that will really knock the socks off your students, Brenda Dyck has a great article in this month's issue of Middle Ground on using Skype in the classroom.
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