Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wikis vs. Blogs in the Classroom

At GCACS yesterday in my presentation, Jazz Up Your Students' Writing, I showed teachers my wiki and we discussed the differences between wikis and blogs. Joy Fisk of Arborbrook Christian Academy has used both and shared the primary distinction between the two. She said that although both allow students to post writing which can be edited, as well as videos, audio, and pictures; wikis allow students to collaborate on a document or a project. When students write on a blog (either their own or their classroom's) they may contribute and comment on each other's work, but can't work together on a document or assignment. After Joy contributed that I thought, "Duh, why didn't I realize that?" One of the great things about teaching teachers is that they turn around and teach me too!

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elysabeth said...

It's always great when you learn something like that. The class I've been virtually visiting since early in the year uses wikispaces and we had a mini monster story contest for the writing workshop class and it was great because I could leave comments on their pages and they could comment back on things or ask questions - The feedback and interaction is phenomenal on wikispaces. The teacher did create the students' pages and so he basically had two codes to enter the wikispaces - one for the students and one for him - it was a blast and I'm sure we will use it more near the end of the year when we do a comparison of how far they have come since the beginning of the school year -

Thanks for sharing - E :)

Jean said...


Sounds like you're becoming quite the educator and having lots of fun doing it!

Jean Hall

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