Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Two "Coloring" Books from Sleeping Bear Press: Two Reviews PLUS Two Giveaways!

Today I'm sharing two new books from Sleeping Bear Press. Although they're not coloring books per se, they each use colors to teach important friendship lessons. Written for the pre-K through first grade crowd, teachers, librarians, parents, and caregivers will enjoy sharing these sweet books with young readers.

The Color Collector 

(Written by Nicolas Solis and illustrated by Renia Metallinou.)

Notice the color palette and simple text on the first page:

On the next page, the boy remembers what it's like to be the new kid and greets Violet. He watches her walk home from school. "I was on one side, she on the other." 

"Until one day." The boy watches her pick up a red candy wrapper and put it into her backpack. 

He notices how she picks up many different things. Here is the first full color spread:

When the boy asks her what she does with what she collects, she invites him to her home, where she proudly shows him her room:

 Each brightly colored wrapper

        piece of trash and speckled leaf

        has a place on her walls, her ceiling, her door.

        They are no longer forgotten bits blowing in the wind.

        Along her wall they are one.

        They are her sky,

        her beach,

        her village.

       They are beautiful.  

Violet tells him about her people that she left behind. In the process of sharing this with him, she is no longer alone. She has a friend. 

In the end, the boy has acquired a new friend...and a bright red leaf that he picks up, and puts in his backpack.

Isabel and Her Colores Go to School

(Written by Alexandra Alessandri and illustrated by Courtney Dawson.)

Here is the opening page:

"She was ready for class, except..."

That night, she dreams of everything that can go wrong. The next day, she wakes up and doesn't want to go to school. But, her mother isn't swayed by her daughter's tears. She kisses her goodbye and in a voice that is "soft and amber like a ripened mango" she tells Isabel that it is okay to be scared. 

That doesn't relieve Isabel; she is an outsider when she peers into the classroom. Despite not knowing English, Isabel does her best to copy her classmates--but makes the mistake of counting in Spanish.

Another little girl tries to be her friend, but Isabel can't understand what she is saying.  Isabel is miserable and decides that school is no fun.

But finally, her teacher announces that it's coloring time and Isabel guesses what colorear means. When Isabel shows her picture of two girls holding hands in which she uses every color imaginable--the other girl gets the message.

And when her teacher holds her drawing up for everyone to see Isabel decides,

Stormy blues and blizzard whites softened to a brilliant aguamarina--just like home. Maybe school wouldn't be so bad after all.

This English/Spanish book includes a Spanish glossary in the back.


In your comment please indicate if you have a book preference. Make sure you leave your email address if you are new to my blog; continental U.S. addresses only. Giveaway ends July 30th at 6 PM. 


Susan Rice won FRANKENSLIME from last week's blog. Thanks to all of you who entered! 


Amy Sazama Russell said...

Both books sound like fun additions to any early childhood classroom!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Amy. These books would be perfect for your classroom. Your name starts the list!

Cathy Ogren said...

Two very colorful books! It's hard to choose between the two, but I would love to win a copy of THE COLOR COLLECTOR.

Danielle H. said...

I've had my eye on both of these gorgeous books, so I would love to win either to read, review, and study. Thank you for sharing!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Danielle and Cathy. You're in!

Janet Frenck Sheets said...

Thanks for a terrific giveaway! Both books look wonderful. I'm particularly eager to read The Color Collector -- I've been intrigued by it (and the author's story behind it) since I first heard about it.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for the comment, Janet. You're in!

Lois said...

What fun books. Love the colorful illustrations.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Lois. You're in!

Connie Porter Saunders said...

Both books look fantastic, but I would choose The Color Collector. Thanks for sharing.

Rosi said...

These are both beautiful. I think, if I am lucky enough to win, I would like The Color Collector. Thanks for the chance.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Connie!

Barbara Younger said...

Love color! What a fabulous concept. I'd love to win either. Thanks Sleeping Bear and Carol!

Carol Baldwin said...

I knew you'd love these books, Barbara!

Zachary Snyder said...

Both books look great! Would love to read them to my twins!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Zachary. I'm glad you're following my blog!

Terri DeGezelle Michels said...

I think the idea of your book is wonderful. Color is all around us. sometimes we need to be child-like to see and appreciate the colorful world around us! thank you!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for your comment Terri. I already drew a winner, but I hope you
ll check out both of these books!

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