Monday, May 19, 2008

Playing on my new HP

Don't you just hate the fact that your 19-year-old can get on your new computer and instantly be at home, navigating all over the place, without a moment's hesitation? I'm now on my fourth or fifth computer and even though I'm not the scaredy cat that I was 25 years ago with my Kaypro II (anyone else remember those monsters with tiny screens from the first days of personal computers?) when it sat on my desk and I wouldn't even touch it for a week for fear of breaking it, I still have an awe that keeps me at bay for the first few weeks of new computer ownership. Last week, after lugging my aging 13 lb laptop (including power cord) through the Georgia World Congress Center, I bought a 4 lb HP Pavilion. The touch screen and tablet capabilities are very cool and will add a new dimension to my powerpoint presentations for teachers. I can't wait to master the webcam and all of the other nifty gadgets packed into a machine that is half the size of the notebook binders I carried in high school. Of course, I'm not like Lori, who within minutes was chasing little colored balls by running the tablet pen all over the screen …but I'm getting there. Isn't it funny how as we get older and our memories get slower, our computers get smaller and their memories get faster? I guess it's a good thing. I sure wouldn't want it the other way around!

Now, if someone can tell me how to get the little orange ball into the orange hole and the blue ball into the blue hole, maybe I could give Lori some Ink Ball competition.

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Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Oh, Carol - I can't wait to see this baby. Last night Nightline had a fascinating program on kids and the digital nature of their lives. It truly made me want to get out of old fogey mode and learn all the stuff I am resistant to - like texting and MySpace and FaceBook. Well, I could do MySpace and FaceBook but just don't love those places.

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