Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book Pleasures Plus

If you are a reader intereseted in locating a review, or if you're a writer interested in having your book reviewed, check out the Book Pleasures website. I found this international community of over 40 reviewers that review all genres by subscribing to Reporter's Source (more on that in a minute). Book Pleasures has been in existence for over 5 years, receives 7000 unique visitors per week, and has posted over 4000 book reviews and over 500 author interviews.

After I contacted Norm Goldman, the publisher of Book Pleasures, with an e-mail about Teaching the Story, he forwarded my request to his staff. Two individuals responded with interest, and at this point, one has reviewed my book. Click here to read Wendy Thomas' wonderful review; click here to read her interview of me.

If you are a writer looking for ways to increase your visibility to the general public, you might consider signing up for the Reporter's Source newsletter. The daily e-mail is a a free service which links journalists and other members of the media with businesses and individuals who can provide relevant information.

And while I'm talking about making your skills and talents known to journalists who need your story, consider signing up for HARO. You will receive three e-mails a day with a list of about 20 journalists who are looking for experts on a wide variety of topics. So far I have been interviewed for an article on "What it Takes to be a Teacher" (Click "Read the List Now" and go to page 12 to read my quote.) And I'm in the process of considering being a member of a the Ziggity Zoom Advisory Board.

And you thought that all that writers did was write. If only that were true!
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elysabeth said...

Good deal - I've signed up for the newsletter but am too tired to look further. I've bookmarked the page to come back to later. Thanks for sharing with us - E :)

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