Saturday, August 21, 2010

Upcoming Writing Workshops

Writing workshop in San Antonio, Tx

In case you or your children are interested in further developing your writing skills, my schedule this fall includes the following workshops:

Teen Writer's Workshop

Who? 6-10th graders

What? This workshop is for students who have imaginary characters and plots swimming inside their heads just waiting to come out. Students will discover how to bring their stories to life by brainstorming an original character, setting, and plot. They will begin the process of weaving them together into a short story.

 Where? AnAuthor World, Greenville, SC.

When? Oct 2 & 9    9AM-12PM

Stories That Are Out of This World

Who? Tweens and teens - from 11-16 years old

What? Find out how to create a story with an imaginary science fiction or fantasy character and put him/her/it into an extraordinary-yet-believable-setting.

Where? Cornelius Arts Center, Cornelius, NC

When? October 23  9 AM-12 PM


Everyone Has a Story

Who?  Ages 16 and up

What? Discover how to create and weave together the three elements of a story: character, setting and plot. This introductory workshop will get your creative juices going and you will go home itching to write the story that is inside you!

Where? Cornelius Arts Center, Cornelius, NC

When? November 13  9 AM- 12 PM


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Awesome! A great resource for homeschool students!

I know how good your workshops are!

Gretchen Griffith said...

Great line up of workshops, Carol.

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