Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Two New Picture Books from Sleeping Bear Press

Daddy Loves You!

This picture book is the fifth book written by Helen Foster James and illustrated by Petra Brown showing the love of a bunny family member for a young bunny. (Check out Grandma Loves You!, Grandpa Loves You!,  Mommy Loves You!, and Auntie Loves You!.)

This story begins with, 
"Daddy loves you, bunny-bear, much more than words can say. 
You are your daddy's sunshine. I'll love you every day."

The daddy bunny goes on to say how he'll protect his little one, how they'll explore, and play together. 

"Let's see who hops the highest, then spin ourselves around...."

At night Daddy bunny tucks him in bed at night and says, 

"Sweet dreams, my snuggle bunny, I know that this is true,
You are my little angel, and moonbeam...I love you."

Daddy Loves You! includes a blank page for the child's father to write a note to his son or daughter.

Where'd My Jo Go? 

This rhyming picture book by Jill Esbaum and illustrated by Scott Brundage is based on a true story that Esbaum read in a newspaper. Jill fictionalized the story and it's shown from both Al and Jo's point of view--something I've never seen in a picture book! 

Big Al is Jo's furry friend who loves traveling with her on the open road. When Jo takes a break, Al is busy meeting children, finding a snack, and rolling in someone's flower bed. But when he returns to the truck stop, Al can't find Jo!

As difficult as it is, Al waits for Jo, watching as trucks come and go along the highway.

At the same time, Jo realizes that Al is not in the truck with her! 

While Big Al waits, he's sad and scared. He's tempted to go with Zack, a friendly boy who plays with him, but from out of the dark night, Al spots Jo's truck. 

"I have to look, 
Could it be true? 
Oh, Jo. Please, Jo, 
could that be-- 
Bye, Zack! I have to go!
I knew she'd come! 
It's her! 
My Jo!

Where'd My Jo Go? uses simple vocabulary and new readers will enjoy mastering the words. Both books are illustrated in a manner that reflects the story's content; Petra Brown and Scott Brundage show a realm of emotions in their characters! Both books will be enjoyed by children and the adults who read them out loud.

Sorry--no giveaway this week. I'm celebrating the birth of a new grandson and these books will be a great contribution to their family library!

Big sister Eleanor enjoys reading to Luke and baby Caleb.


sheri levy said...

These books are adorable. I wish I had a young child to read them.

Young Authors Program said...

Thanks for sharing these two PBs, Carol. And the picture of your grands with your newest little edition. Congratulations!

Barbara Younger said...

Both books look wonderful and congrats on the new baby!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Barbara and Dorothy. I can’t wait to meet my new grandson! Hopefully in June.

Rosi said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby. That is something to celebrate! These books both look really cute. I will check them out. Thanks for the post.

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