Friday, February 12, 2010

Your School Needs this Book!

Pictured here is Kathleen Skotcher, owner of Studium Educational Resources and my favorite book vendor. She and her husband Paul faithfully lug educational books to conferences all around North Carolina trying to meet the needs of many different teachers.

This week Kathleen sold Teaching the Story, along with other titles from Maupin House at the NCAGT conference where I presented. When I visited her home the evening before the conference, she told me about the pallets of books stored in her garage. A NC school district wanted 2300 copies of My Fun Picture Dictionary to give to every Kindergarten student. The schools gave the books to their parents and show them how to encourage their student to read. Eager to support this effort, Kathleen approached the publisher, Macmillan, who informed her that the book was out of print and that she would have to order the books from a printer of China. When she contacted the printer she was told the minimum order was 4,000.

Thus the reason for the boxes and boxes of books in the Skotcher garage.

To help her decrease her inventory and regain their garage, I told her that I'd blog about her dilemma. The book normally sells for $14.95 but Kathleen will give your school a 15% discount (bringing the price to $12.70) for an order of 1-19 books. If you order more than 20, she will discount the book 30% bringing the price to $10.50 per book. Contact Kathleen with your order at or call her at 1-866-399-0066. Make sure you tell her you saw this offer on my blog.

In addition, if you want to win a FREE copy of this beautiful book, leave a comment on my blog with your name, email address, and school's name and address. (Parents--you can leave your child's school information.) Include in your post why your school needs this book. On February 19 Kathleen will pull the names from a hat and I'll send you a copy of the book.

Have fun and....order this book!

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Write2ignite said...

Okay, so I'm a homeschooling mom and my school needs this book because I have a 6 year old who is really learning to read right now. :) The name of my school is Grace Mountain. And just in case my name is drawn, here is my address...

211 Parkwood Drive
Concord NC 28027

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,
My school needs this book as it is a minority school with a large ESL population. We have so many kids who are just learning English! We would love to have this book.
I was interested in seeing your articles about Black History Month. Our school is named Rosa Lee Carter, after an African American woman in Loudoun County, VA. She taught in the segregated schools, and was constantly fighting for basics--space, books, etc. She taught first grade for 40years, and then was a first grade volunteer for another 20. She died in 1999. I am currently working on a coloring book about her extraordinary life. I have spoken with many of her former students, and it has been wonderful learning about her quiet determination and her can-do attitude.
Thanks, and I hope my school wins!
Karen Hummel Hassinger
403 Warner Ct. SW
Leesburg, VA 20175

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks ladies, will put your names in the hat!

elysabeth said...

Since my kids are in high school, I can't think of any reason that my school needs the book off the top of my head, but I think it is very admirable that you and Kathleen are doing this. Hopefully many school districts will order from her and she can get rid of the books, but when you think about it - only 1700 to go and at those great discounts for the schools, she's sure to get rid of them like hotcakes - lol - Nice posting, Carol. I'll post on my blogs too so that people will come your way and see what you ladies are up to. Hum - you know an educational distributor - and wow I have educcational books with study guides available - I need to contact her and see what kind of deal to work out with her - lol. Off to post to refer to back to your blog - E :)

Write2ignite said...

Carol -

I received my book this week. WOW! Thank you so very much! My 6 year old is soooo excited! We will use it during reading time, research time, all the time!

Thank you for your generosity!


Carol Baldwin said...

Glad you like it! have fun using it.

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