Monday, April 26, 2010

You Tube in the Classroom

Have you ever thought of you how you might be able to use "You Tube" in the classroom? View this video by OK Go and let me know how many ways you might be able to use this in your science or English classroom.
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elysabeth said...

I just checked out the video - awesome. You know that really could so many ways - science especially but I could even see this as other things. I wonder how long they worked on the timing and choreography of that video. That would make some good math skills too - That's pretty hard to get like (looked like possibly) 10 treadmills set up like that and to have them going at the same rate and to have four guys be synchronized like that - totally blew my mind watching it - Thanks for sharing - E :)

Carol said...

yep, I was pretty impressed.

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