Friday, July 23, 2010

Early Literacy!

My fourteen-month-old granddaughter, Caitlin Kasten, demonstrates two important components of early literacy: turning the pages and learning to "read" the pictures!


Donna Perugini said...

You've posed an interesting thought. She is adorable and was very involved in the book.

I like the idea of the video to make your point. One video is worth more than a thousand words!

beth said...

So cute!

I'm all in favor of exposing kids to books as soon as possible, in any form. My sister in law uses bath books to make books (and bath time) fun--my nephew grew up thinking that reading = FUN!

智宜宜 said...
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Carol Baldwin said...

Yep. Get them hooked on reading early! And of course we all know that reading does equal fun!

童祖如童祖如 said...
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sue said...

What a great video! Carol, you and your readers might be interested in teh video that I posted on my website ( It demonstrates the use of an early literacy resource called 3 Bags Full Finger Puppet Pouches. This is a fair trade product hand made in Bolivia. It has received rave reviews from folks interested in early literacy. Thought I would draw it to your attention.

Jean said...


My toddler and preschool grandsons love to read the "find the hidden items in the picture" books like /Treasure Hunt for Boys./

Anything to get them turning pages.