Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Come to the Hub!

Spartanburg, SC, a former 19th century railroad center, is now home to one of the few independent non-profit bookstores in the country. The store which opened in June, 2010, is an off-shoot of the Hub-City Writer’s Project; a group founded 15 years ago by a trio of writers wanting to give their community a literary identity. They have gone beyond that dream and created a space which invites readers, writers, and artists to share their creativity.

Betsy Teter, Executive Director of Hub City Writer's Project and
Rebecca Ramos, Chair of HubCulture, Inc. proudly show off some of the Hub City titles

The Writer’s Project has published over 300 writers through its own press dedicated to publishing high-quality books emphasizing the Southern experience. The group has renovated two historic downtown buildings (one for the bookstore and one for the alternative arts initiative, HUB-BUB.COM--another off-shoot), given away more than $15,000 in scholarships to emerging writers, sold 70,000 books, commissioned public art, produced concerts and creative book launchings, and provided creative writing instruction to hundreds. All proceeds from book sales fund creative writing education and independent book publishing in Spartanburg.

These award-winning ventures reflect Hub City Writers Project’s serious commitment to reaching out to the community of Spartanburg and making it a better place for people to live and work. According to Betsy Teter, the executive director, “We want to show this community that words and books are important and we want to build a community through the arts.” Part of that commitment is reflected in providing fellowships and scholarships for emerging writers and artist residencies. “We want young people to come to Spartanburg and improve the community by staying here.” Teter said.

Just a short drive off of I-85, you can visit the Hub-City bookshop, coffee shop and bakery, and then walk a few blocks to visit the art gallery. Come to the Hub and see why other communities across the country want to duplicate this cutting-edge organization.


Niki Schoenfeldt said...

Wow, that is awesome. Now could they please show Congress how to balance the budget? These ladies obviously know how to get things done.

Carol Baldwin said...

Ha, Ha! They sure do!!

Jean said...

This is soooo cool. Thanks for unveiling this jewel, Carol.

Hmmm...Spartanburg is a pretty short drive from my house!


Write2ignite said...

What a great group of writers and generous folks! I recognize some of those names (Hi Rebecca!) and hope to see more about this group in the future. What a fabulous way to impact the world of reading, writing and art...all at the same time!

Carol Baldwin said...

Yes, Donna. It is a very cool group of people--for sure! You can add that to you list of places to visit sometime!

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