Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black and White
It's been sometime since I have posted a poem. Here is a personal take-off on a diamente poem. It is inspired by my research and interviews  for Half-Truths and the rock colors I saw on a car trip through Tennessee and Kentucky.

Onyx, deep and glistening. No shadow
of rich brown granite or weathered shale.
But layers of bronze clay and ashy strips of gray
fading to cream colored rock. Sandy pebbles glisten


Linda Phillips said...

This is a very nice poem, Carol. I'll bet it's a great diversion, too, from the nitty-gritty novel revisions.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, LInda. Yes-it is a good diversion! I actually wrote it several months ago and have been saving it for a busy week when I haven't had time to blog. It was nice to pull out today, reread it, and still like it!

Linda Phillips said...

I like this poem, Carol, and I'll bet it was a nice diversion from the nitty-gritty stuff of novel revisions!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Lovely. I enjoy the diamente form for its simplicity and beauty.

Jean said...

Lovely poem, Carol. It sparkles!


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Jean and Joyce. Poems are a great way to exercise other writing muscles!

Write2ignite said...

poetry = one of my fave things! :)

Love poem, my friend. I so enjoyed spending much of my Saturday with you! :)

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Donna. The pleasure was mine!

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