Friday, April 6, 2012

The Colors of Spain

When my friends asked me what I liked about Spain the most, invariably I would answer, "the colors." You're about to find out why.

Children's shoes

The candy stall
Barcelona market

Smoothies to go
Barcelona market

A flower stall along Las Ramblas, a long pedestrian thoroughfare in Barcelona

A cold, black night looking out over Barcelona
with my daughters, Lisa and Lori
One of the many tile walls in the
Parc Guell designed by Antoni Gaudi
Lisa showing a typical
Moorish mosaic

Flamenco shoes for young and old
the market in Granada

Tile work
Alhambra, Granada
800-year-old Moorish castle

Looking out a window
at the Alhambra

Heavy, wonderful rugs.
In a little town in the Alpujurras mountains

Black olives, flung down
from the tree
Look closely
and find a tiny frog
inside this calla lilly

Peacocks guarded the pool,

and the roof.

All locally grown,

and wonderfully delicious.

The Mediterranean meets the Atlantic
at the southernmost tip of Europe,


Flowers cascading
in Tariffa

Zucchini, ground almonds & chunks of parmesan.

Flamenco dancer

As a writer, I usually don't agree with the maxim, "A picture is worth a thousand words." But, sometimes they do say a lot! 


JanieWrites said...

They are absolutely beautiful, Carol. I have never been to Spain so thank you for the colorful tour! My favorite part of Dublin, Ireland was the colors of the doors on homes. Whenever I think of Ireland I think of color and now I will think of Spain in the same way.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Jane. Glad you enjoyed the pictures! If I make it to Dublin, I'll be sure and take pictures of the doors!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Lovely little tour. Also have never been to Spain. I just know it's amazing!

miriam said...

Wow....didn't know you were a photographer, too! Loved the peacocks at the pool and all the beautiful colors.

Edupreneur said...

Beautiful photos. I'm sure you're jotting down book ideas.

Linda A. said...

Thanks so much Carol. A new way to think of Spain. It's not just bulls. :)
Linda A.

Carol Baldwin said...

I'm not a photographer-- Just figure my pictures are my best (& cheapest!) souvenirs. Loved your comment about the bulls,LInda. ANd I wish I could say this is generating a book idea, but it didn't. ALthough I did enjoy journaling while there!

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