Monday, May 21, 2018

Picture Book Bonanza #2 PLUS Two Giveaways!

This week I'm sharing three spanking new picture books with your chance to win two of them. (See rules below).

OOTHAR THE BLUE by Brandon Reese (Lion Forge, 2018)

Written and Illustrated
by Brandon Reese
You first heard about OOTHAR on my blog two months ago. (If you didn't read that blog please stop now and go back and read it. Lots of great process drawings and background information!)

We all have moments when we don't feel ourselves. But what does a barbarian do when he's feeling blue? He no longer wants to slay dragons or banish uberwaiths to the ninth dimension. Even the forest wizard's spell of enchantment doesn't make him feel better. 

The answer to Oothar's blues comes in an unlikely manner. Since I don't want to give away the perfect-problem-solving-ending, here are some of Brandon's amazing illustrations for clues.

Here, Oothar expresses some of his frustrations:

Next, he receives an unexpected response from the resident minotaur:

And finally, he ends up with...oops, sorry! That's the spoiler! You'll have to buy the book for your favorite little reader to see the clever way Oothar resolves his dilemma.

SCOOP THE ICE CREAM TRUCK by Patricia Keeler (Sky Pony Press, 2018)

Written and Illustrated
by Patricia Keeler

When you're an old ice cream truck "who has seen a lot of summers" and only sell vanilla ice cream cones, then you get a little down in the dumps when fancier ice cream trucks roll into town.

But, if your name is Scoop, you try lots of things to beat the competition. You get more flavors and neon lights that zoom around your roof. Sadly, Scoop's plan fails.

Scoop's ice cream started to melt. He gave away seventy-two flavors of ice cream.
The ice cream got soft, so he gave seventy-two flavors of softserve.
Then the soft serve ice cream melted, so he gave away seventy-two flavors of milk shakes.
He had nothing more to give. 

But Scoop is not defeated! He and his faithful friend who has followed him all through town, come up with a perfect plan that will leave adults and children as satisfied as the most perfect ice cream cone ever. Patricia's lively illustrations are as yummy as the text!

MAY I COME IN? by Marsha Diane Arnold, illustrated by Jennie Poh (Sleeping Bear Press, 2018)

By Marsha Diane Arnold
Illustrated by Jennie Poh

Raccoon's search for shelter from a scary storm reminded me of a little of The Three Bears. Each friend finds a different reason why Raccoon won't fit into his house. Raccoon is to big to fit into Possum's den; he's too wide for Quail's brambles; and Woodchuck only has room for one.

Eventually Raccoon goes, "Swish, plish, Swish, plish, Swish, swish, PLISH" until he comes to Rabbit's house. (Little readers will love the onomatopoeia!) Where he is greeted by,

He is not only welcomed into their tight little home, where "There's always room for a good friend," but becomes a part of the greeting committee when the other three animals come knocking at Rabbit's door.

This sweet book tells a friendship story in a way that little ones will understand and their parents will enjoy. Jennie Poh's warm illustrations welcome the reader inside the book...just like coming inside on a stormy day!


I am giving away OOTHAR THE BLUE and MAY I COME IN?
To enter, please leave a comment by May 25 with your email address if you are new to my blog. Feel free to mention which book you are interested in winning. For extra chances, share on social media or follow my blog (please tell me what you do!) and I'll enter your name twice. 


Rosemary Basham said...

Both of these books sound wonderful!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Rosemary. I'll start the giveaway list with your name!

Patricia Keeler said...

These books seem like great summer reads! Full of action adventure and those wonderful summer storms! I kind of like the ice cream truck one too!

Melodye said...

Great storylines! Delightful illustrations! I'd be happy to win either one--so fun to read and share. But since you've asked us to choose, MAY I COME IN?

Thanks for the great introductions!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Patricia. Yes, all 3 are super! Melodye, i’ll Put your first choice as, “May I come in?” And second choice for Oothar!

Rosi said...

All three of these books look perfectly charming. Thanks for telling me about them.

Carol Baldwin said...

You're in Rosi!

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing these books and their illustrations. MAY I COME IN? looks charming.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Cathy. I’ll add your name. And thanks for leaving your email address. Carol

Young Authors Program said...

All three look like great PBs, but I'm most curious about MAY I COME IN. :)

Carol Baldwin said...

You're in, Dorothy. Thanks for stopping by!

Linda A. said...

No need to include me in the drawing, since I just one a lovely book from you and your blog. I will post on Facebook because I believe in you and your great giveaways! Love, Linda

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Linda. So sweet of you!

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