Monday, June 11, 2018

Audiobook Tour = Amazing Giveaway!

I'm pleased to be a part of the Audio Publisher's Association's celebration of JIAM-- June Is Audiobook Month. This is my second time to participate and it's a great opportunity to remind you of some terrific audiobook titles--just in case you'd forgotten them. PLUS there's a fantastic giveaway that you don't want to miss. 

Audio books like the ones highlighted here are great company on car trips, if you're recuperating from an illness or surgery, when you exercise, or take a walk. I've found audiobooks make boring, routine jobs (think weeding, raking, or dusting) more fun. Writers and readers alike can delight in the spoken word as amazing narrators bring the stories to life. Several of these books have stayed in my mind and become mentor texts because of the powerful narration.

In no particular order, these are the last four audio books I've listened to.

If you're looking for a superbly researched Civil War story, then Be Free or Die by Cate Lineberry will fit the bill. This book is both a biography of an unsung African American hero, but also an in-depth look at what was happening in South Carolina before, during, and after the war. 

I bet I walked at least thirty miles while listening to this insightful book into misogynous relationships. Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them is written by Dr. Susan Forward, a psychologist whose practice includes women who struggle to respond appropriately to their husbands. I highly recommend it to women and men who need insight into this difficult situation.

If you're taking a trip to Italy (or dream of visiting this historic peninsula as I do) then The Pursuit of Italy should be on your reading list. Comprehensive in terms of history, politics, geography, art and music, this book by David Gilmour is packed with everything you ever wanted to know about Italy--and didn't even know to ask!

You might think that I ordinarily read non-fiction based on the previous three titles, but that's actually not the truth. My most recent audiobook, The Road to Bittersweet by Donna Everhart, is now one of my favorite titles I've listened to. The narrator, Amy Melissa Bentley, added depth to an already wonderful novel through her authentic portrayal of the North Carolina mountain characters. 


Leave a comment (and your email address if you're new to this blog) to win the audiobooks listed below. will pick a winner on June 15. Click here to visit other bloggers who are also promoting audiobooks this month. Leave your name on their blogs and increase your chances of winning ALL of these books! (Books are courtesy Audio Publishers Association.)

  • Seven by Paula Cizmar, Catherine Filloux, Gail Kriegel, Carol K. Mack, Ruth Margraff, Anna Deavere Smith, and Susan Yankowitz 
  • Gone to Dust by Matt Goldman, narrated by MacLeod Andrews
  • Bring Me Back by B. A. Paris, narrated by Kevin Hely and Cathleen McCarron
  • Wings of Fire Book One: The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland, narrated by Shannon MacManus
  • Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, narrated by Todd McLaren
  • Rainbirds by Clarissa Goenawan, narrated by David Shih
  • A Girl Stands at the Door by Rachel Devlin, narrated by Robin Miles
  • Torn from Troy, Book 1 in the Odyssey of a Slave Trilogy by Patrick Bowman, narrated by Gerard Doyle


Barbara Younger said...

Would love to listen to these as I recover from retina surgery next month. Titles are intriguing!

Carol Baldwin said...

You're in, Barbara.

Linda Townsend said...

I love audios. Thanks for the chance, Carol.
lindalou (at) cfl (dot) rr (dot) com


Darlene said...

If it wasn't for audiobooks, I wouldn't have the time to read! I'm always on the go, so I love being able to multi-task :)

I'm currently listening to Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters. My previous three listens were:

A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage
Dark Side of the Laird by Eliza Knight
Pushing Up Daisies by M.C. Beaton

Thanks for the giveaway!
darlenesbooknook AT gmail DOT com

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Linda and Darlene. You're both in!

nrlymrtl said...

I'm an audiobook zombie. Currently I'm listening to Bellweather by Connie Willis. I recently finished Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (which I read in school but I like it quite a bit more as an audiobook now as an adult). nrlymrtl at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

These books all look so good!

jmcgaugh said...

I love audio books and especially like to listen to them while getting ready for work or for bed. jmcgaugh semo edu

Carol Baldwin said...

AN audiobook zombie--that's a new (and great description!). Happy to include Kayla, mmcgaug, and nrlymrti on the giveaway list!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

My favorite time to enjoy audio books is when I am painting - walls, furniture, my deck, etc. Am currently listening to more of Road To Bittersweet while painting my Adirondack chairs.

Nise' said...

Amy Melissa Bentley is a new to me narrator.


Carol Baldwin said...

Joyce--I think pairing painting your Adriondack chairs with listening to Road to Bittersweet is perfect. Nise, Amy Mellis Bentley is an amazing narrator!

Donnaeve said...

Hello commenters! Author here, and I'm happy to see the interest in my book, THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET! Carol did a wonderful job in capturing the essence of the story in her review a few days back.

I just wanted to drop in and say that I too, thought Amy Melissa Bentley did a fine job on narration of the story. (she did my debut book as well, THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE).

My husband and I have listened to my books when we travel - and it might seem funny or odd to do that, but strangely enough, I was immersed in the stories - even though I wrote them.

Good luck to all of you on winning a copy!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for weighing in Donna. It's been a pleasure hosting you and getting to know you!

Sandra Warren said...

I LOVE audiobooks! My husband and I never travel in the car without several audiobooks of all different lengths. We get them from the local library and always get double the hours listening time just in case we don't like the story or the narrator's voice isn't to our liking.

They make trips to visit family....a 9 hour or 11 hour or 13 hour trip one way! Often we've driven around the block or just sat in the car after reaching our destination so that we could hear the ending of one of the stories.

So yes, please sign me up!
Thank you Carol for the amazing opportunities you present to us.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Sandra. I'm with you on making car rides much more pleasurable. I've sat in my garage listening to the end!

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