Wednesday, April 7, 2021

BECAUSE I'M NEW and LITTLE SOCK MAKES A FRIEND: Two Picture Books, One Giveaway

Sleeping Bear Press keeps sending me books! Here are two that young readers (and pre-readers) in your life will enjoy. 


Who would have thought of writing a book from the point of view of the new child in the family? Author-illustrator Brad Sneed, that's who. 

The title page shows a little boy peering out the living room window. On the copyright page, he jumps off the sofa and exclaims, "They're home!"

In that way Brad introduces the reader to the main star of the book: New Baby. 

And even though baby can't catch a ball or run; baby can sit, watch, and listen.

Baby is sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, but ALWAYS needs lots of help from Mom, Dad, and Big Brother. Baby doesn't stay little, and he doesn't stay new. 

Baby grows, plays, cries, and laughs. But most of all,

With simple text and a unique point of view, big brothers and sisters glimpse what they mean to the newest member of their family. A great gift for a sibling welcoming his new brother or sister.


Two years ago I reviewed Little Sock the picture book prequel to Little Sock Makes a Friend written by Kia Heise and Christopher D. Park. As we discovered in the first book, 

Sometimes, after the other socks have gone to sleep, he sneaks out of the drawer... and into a hidden tunnel in the back of the dryer. This leads to a place where only socks can go.

Little sock finds other socks eating ice cream, listening to music, and even going around on the merry go round!

But he's lonely and realizes he needs a friend to do all of these fun things with. He sees another sock who seems to need a friend too. But, his mind is full of questions. 

As nervous as he feels, Little Sock drums up his courage and asks her if she'll be his friend. 

Together, they find lots of fun things to do and Little Sock concludes, 

Who can resist a story about two socks who become friends? A fun book to read in the classroom or at home. 


I'm giving away Little Sock Makes a Friend to one of you! (Because of You will be a gift to my grandson who adores his baby brother). Please leave me a comment by April 9 with your email address if you are new to my blog. U.S. addresses only. 


Lois said...

What great books. So that's where socks go when you can't find them! Thanks, Carol for introducing us to so many good books.

Lois Bartholomew

Carol Baldwin said...

You are welcome, Lois. Your name starts the list!

rowanhistorylady said...

I am reposting in case the first did not. I love how the author gently approaches topics. Theresa Pierce

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Theresa. Your name is in the giveaway for Socks.

Danielle H. said...

The book from the baby's POV is clever and sounds heart-filling. The Socks book is imaginative. Thank you for the chance!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Danielle. You would enjoy both!

Barbara Younger said...

I love these reviews. Thank you! Of course, I'd love to win either book. I've got eager readers, luckily, in my grandkids.

Carol Baldwin said...

You'd love both books, Barbara!

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