Monday, December 13, 2021

DINO PAJAMA PARTY: A Picture Book Review and Giveaway

It probably comes as no surprise to you, but not only do I enjoy giving books alway--I like winning them too! I was delighted to win Laurie Wallmark's new picture book, DINO PAJAMA PARTY (Running Press Kids, 2021) from Kathy Temean's wonderful blog. I recently featured Laurie with her other new book, Code Breaker, Spy Hunter. Which just goes to show--talented picture book authors can write in a variety of genres!) 

Move over Sandra Boynton (Dinosaur Dance)! DINO PAJAMA PARTY, featuring a cast of rollicking dinosaurs, is sure to be an equally asked for bedtime book. Illustrations by Michael Robertson provide humor which enhances the text. 


This opening stanza sets the stage:

Dinos rock, and dinos roll.
Dinos stomp and dinos stroll.


And what else do these pajama-dressed dinosaurs like to do?

They roar, they shriek, they boom, and squeak.

They sing, they dance; they plunk, and strum. "Dinos toot and dinos drum."

They even "come from all around just to play that rocking sound." (Note the band's name!)

Worn out from all that swinging and shaping, 

Dinos yawn,
and dinos drag.
Dinos droop,
and dinos sag.

Dinos toes are getting sore
All the dinos leave the floor.


"Fast asleep, 
the dinos snore."

I've tried writing a rhyming picture book and Laurie Wallmark makes it look simple! The text is memorable and incorporates a great beat. Children will develop pre-reading skills as they chime in with the rhymes. 

For more information on the backstory behind this book, please see Laurie's description of her book journey on Kathy Temean's wonderful blog.


To win a copy of this cute bedtime book, leave me a comment (with your email address if you are new to my blog) by noon on December 16th. If you decide to follow my blog or share on social media, I'll enter your name twice.  Continental U.S. addresses only. 

Congratulations to Antoinette Martin who won A FRIEND LIKE YOU from last week's blog. 


Danielle H. said...

Thank you for sharing this book with one of your readers. This is going to be fun to read and study as mentor text too. I shared on tumblr:

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Oh that's so fun! Congratulations, Laurie!
And congrats to you, Carol for winning. I see you just won a book from Rosi Hollinbeck too. You are on a roll. Rock and roll, maybe!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Joyce. I'll enter your name!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Danielle. YOu're in twice.

Terri DeGezelle Michels said...

Great job telling us about this cute bedtime story.

Janet Frenck Sheets said...

Dinos in pajamas are hard to resist. Those spikes must make things tricky, though! Shared your post on Twitter.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Janet. YOu're in twice! (And maybe the dinosaurs have super-soft beds for all those spikes!!)

Susan said...

How cute! I love rhyming books. Going to try to share the post.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for sharing, Susan. You're in twice!

Rosi said...

What a perfectly adorable book! I have to get this one. I love rhymers. Thanks for telling me about it.

Vonda Hamilton, author missionary teacher said...

Fun words and sweet illustrations make dinosaurs endearing and not so ferocious! Would be a great book for my grandson who is "Coming Soon". He is to make his appearance on January 12th. I think this book will be score a big roar for dino loving kids!

Carol Baldwin said...

I agree, Vonda! You name is in the hat!

Tiffany said...

This looks so cute! Thanks!

Carol Baldwin said...

You're in, Tiffany.. Thanks for leaving a comment.

animalauthor said...

I just read this book in my library--such snappy colorful fun! I'd love a copy for my young neighbor:-)

Carol Baldwin said...

I'd love to enter your name, Animal author. But I need your name and email address!

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