Talking Story is an e-newsletter which Joyce Hostetter and I co-produce. It is sent to your inbox quarterly and focuses on literacy and good writing practices.

For past issues, see our Facebook Page and click on the banner. Like us or subscribe and you'll be sure to here about upcoming giveways! Here is a link to our summer 2017 issue on Food.

I met Joyce Hostetter several years ago at a reading and writing conference in Alabama. We chatted briefly, learned that we lived about an hour apart, and decided to stay in touch. Since then we've discovered that we make a great working team. We've conducted joint workshops for North Carolina teachers at NCCAT and NWRESA and several years ago decided to co-produce an E-newsletter, TALKING STORY.

Most of our readers are teachers, media specialists, or homeschool parents. We stuff each issue with links, books, learning activities, and experts (generally authors). And oh, yeah - GIVEAWAYS!

Themes for 2017/2018 include:

July/August- Food
September/October- Refugees

January/February- The Cold War
April/May- Prejudice
July/August- Communities
September/October- The Colonial Period

If you have a theme you would like us to consider, please drop me an email at

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