Thursday, January 8, 2009

Haiti Relief Update

On December 16 I blogged about a Haiti Relief project that Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, NC sponsored. Yesterday, I received the following e-mail from Diane Dworek, of the co-coordinators:

"So what all did God send to Haiti through your generosity and giving spirits? Well would you believe…..?

"1469 full size bars of soap, 16 boxes girls clothing, 10 boxes boys clothing, 137 underwear/training pants, 16 boxes women clothing, 14 boxes men’s clothing, 5 boxes misc kids shoes, 4 boxes adult shoes, 3,000 pairs of Crocs, 850 back packs, 1916 washcloths, 1737 toothbrushes, 737 toothpaste tubes, 449 full size shampoo + conditioner and hair products, 5 boxes other toiletry items, 60 enamelware mugs, 1182 rolls of toilet paper, 163 gallons Clorox, 100 first aid kits for each orphanage room, 1,200 pounds + medical supplies, 5 boxes misc. hygiene items, 117 Igloo coolers, 100 pre-cut cooler stands w/nails, 2 dry erase boards, 9 boxes towels & sheets, 3 boxes school supplies, extra lumber, 1 TV, ! new sewing machine, cloth, 2 stainless steel industrial tables, a 6 ft. folding table." Diane Dworek

It's wonderful to be a part of a community who has reached across cultures to help people recovering from hurricanes and floods. Image courtesy of Endeavor to Develop Education. Technorati Tags:
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Jean said...

Wow, Carol! Isn't God good? Isn't it wonderful that He works through generous people?


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