Saturday, January 17, 2009

Polishing Your Prose

A fellow Charlotte, NC writer Jean Hall posted this on her blog Jean's Encouraging Words for Writers. I thought it was worth passing along to fellow writers and she graciously allowed me to quote her.

"If you're even vaguely interested in writing non-fiction (in any form) you need to get your FREE copy of Marilyn C. Hilton's ebook Polishing Your Prose. I'm one of those nutty detail-oriented people who wants every comma to be in exactly the right place. Polishing Your Prose is a goldmine for me.

"Don't let the subtitle scare you off [Tech-Writing for NonFiction That Shines]. The info contained in this 35 page book will give every author a secret weapon for making manuscripts stand out as professional and near perfect-regardless of the genre.

"Chapters include the following:

"Audience, Scope, and Chunks (foundational work before you start typing)

"Organization With Lists, Steps, and Tables (how to make them reader-friendly)

"Using Art Effectively (charts, diagrams, graphs)

"Creating a Leak-Proof Index (I didn't know that Word and other processors will make an index for me! Shows how computer illiterate I am.)

"Editing Down to the Bones (A check-list for fool-proof editing. If I follow these steps I'll never again turn in a manuscript with an error in it.)

"Careers in Writing (You know, the kind you actually get paid for.)

"So, how in the world do you get your hands on a FREE copy of Marliyn's book? Click on the link to visit her website, then send her an email requesting your copy of Polishing Your Prose."

Jean said it was simple and she was right. Marilyn is quick to respond and will be happy to send you your own copy of this small, helpful e-book.

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Jean said...

Thanks for the link, Carol!


Shelli (srjohannes) said...

thanks for stopping by :) hope to see you again

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