Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reading & Writing Resources

Along the way I have discovered a variety of resources that can help you in your classroom or in your own writing.  Here are a few. Let me know if they help you as instructors and writers.

For teachers and homeschool educators:
  • If you look above this blog heading, you'll see that I just created a new page, "Teaching the Story." If you click on it you'll not only find book reviews, but also several reproducibles from the CD that are now available on-line.
  • The Maupin House blog is full of useful information and resources for teachers and homeschool parents. Several Maupin House authors and editors blog about subjects that interest them and you will receive input from a variety of professionals.
  • Not sure about what book to recommend to your child? You can search my blog under "books for boys," "books for girls," "books for boys and girls," or "historical fiction." Or you can check out GoodReads and read other people's  book reviews.
  • I blogged about Literacyhead before. It's worth repeating--this is a tremendous resource.
  • National Novel Writing Month has a program geared specifically towards young writers. I'll be one of the featured "pep talkers" in November.
For writers:


elysabeth said...

Great resources, thanks for sharing, Carol. It's really tough because there are so many sites out there and so many of them offer very good advice and keep writers going. There are a good many I also use but way too many to list here. I just keep referring folks to tons of them - lol. I'll be the Greenville, SC cheerleader again this year for NaNo but don't usually participate in as a writer. Just depends on how much I have going on. I will cheer on all my friends in their endeavors wherever they may be - so look me up and I'll do my encouragements and all - see you there - E :)

Elysabeth Eldering
Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

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Jean said...

Oooh! A goodie box! I love it when you post recommended sites.

I'm off to visit some of them!


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, ladies, for visiting my blog. There are soooo many resources out there, it's hard to take advantage of them all. No, it's downright impossible!!!Glad you found this helpful.

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