Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet my First Guest Blogger: Joyce Hostetter

Many of you know that ever since the Lord brought Joyce Hostetter and I together four years ago at Mid-South Reading and Writing Institute, we've collaborated together in several different ways. We've co-taught at NWRESA and  NCAIS; we've co-presented  "Is there a Children's Book in You?" three times at NCCAT and are about to teach there once again as well as at NCRA. Of yes, and we publish Talking Story together. By now, you'd think we were joined by the hip and were tired of each other! But instead, we constantly learn from one another; right now she is teaching me how to use OneNote and I am teaching her about wikis.

Sometimes we pose for silly pictures together,

and sometimes we get silly when we meet at Panera Bread for lunch.

But, we're always happy to promote each other's books.

And now we're going to be guest bloggers on each other's blogs! So, without further ado, here is Joyce's first guest blog --which I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


February is almost over and I've done nothing to acknowledge African-American History Month. I've hardly blogged at all, actually, but still - what kind of excuse is that?

This morning, my friend, Carol Baldwin unwittingly inspired me. She'd driven to Chapel Hill last night to see Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater live performance, Revelations. On her way home today, she called with all sorts of superlatives about the performance - "incredibly strong, controlled, liquid, amazing use of space". And more!

So naturally I scurried around to the video sites to get a feel for what I'd missed. Please watch this at full screen! It's not the same as a live performance but it will take you way beyond this tiny box of images.

Celebrating Revelations at 50 Film from AlvinAileyAmericanDanceTheater on Vimeo.

Since FIX ME JESUS is one of my favorite spirituals, I can't help but share it here.

Want to know more? View a timeline of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater History.


elysabeth said...

Now silly Carol should have called you before the performance to go with her or meet her there so you both could come up with your many combined superlatives - lol. It's nice meeting you here, Joyce. E :)

Elysabeth Eldering
Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

Where will the adventure take you next?

Linda Phillips said...

Thanks Carol and Joyce for this enriching video.

Linda A. said...

Thanks Carol and Joyce. I felt like I was present and moving with the dancers. Truly a work of art. I love that you two planned a blog post that shows how to relate in person or by using research.

Linda A.

Carol Baldwin said...

Glad you all liked this blog. If you ever have a chance to see these dancers-- GO!

Jean said...

Breathtakingly beautiful videos.

Thank you, Carol and Joyce.


Write2ignite said...

The first guest blogger, eh? NICE! I can't dance, but love to see folks who can! Thank you for sharing these videos.

And isn't it neat how God brings such great people into our lives?

Carol Baldwin said...

Amen, sisters! You both would have loved these dancers.

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