Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Jumbo Book of Outdoor Art

The Jumbo Book of Outdoor Art

The subtitle of this book, "An Artistic Adventure From the Avenue Road Arts School" says it all. Fifty-seven art projects that can be created in a park, at the beach, or in your student's backyard are clearly presented in this kid-friendly and eco-friendly book. Eleven artist-instructors have contributed their ideas and expertise to show children how to use their imaginations, "found" materials, and a few basic art supplies to create art.  

A cartoon guide introduces the book with five guidelines for creating outdoor art:
  • start a collection so you have materials
  • respect your environment -- don't hurt plants or animals
  • be brave--try new tools and techniques
  • stay safe -- use an adult's help when necessary
  • have fun--the most important tip of all!
In subsequent pages the reader will find the guide wearing a crown with "precious" stones, recreating an archeological dig, making a sprouting lawn sculpture, modeling a batik, and creating an ice chandelier. Ordinary objects such as sticks, toothpicks, feathers, leaves, aluminum pie plates, moss, banana peels, shells, sea salt, flower petals, cupcake trays, food coloring--are all useful when it comes to creating art.

I found myself wishing that I had this book when my children were young. But wait! It's not too late. There's a generation of grandchildren waiting to discover their artistic selves!

Joyce Hostetter and I are giving away a copy of The Jumbo Book of Outdoor Art (Kids Can Press, 2006) in our next issue of Talking Story. If you are interested in registering for this giveaway, please leave me a comment with your email address and I'll add your name as a subscriber. You can look for a copy of the newsletter in your inbox on or around May 7th, the contest will close May 14th.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a great book! I would love to be in the drawing - but I don't want to be greedy. I have already won one of your giveaways! You gals rock!

Jean said...

Ooooh! sounds like such a fun book for my outdoor-loving grandchildren.

Count me in, please.


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Oh, man. I guess I'm mot qualified to enter. Very sad face.

Looks magnificent. I have a dream for a fanstasy backyard with all sort of funky sculptures.

Definitely going to get a hold of this book. By hook or by crook!

Linda Phillips said...

I would love to be on your "list." At the very least, I will add this to my own list as a "must have" for the grandkids.

Linda A. said...

What a delightful book. The title reminds me of those Jumbo Coloring Books. This one is far more creative.

Linda A.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks ladies! Linda, I added your name to the list and Joyce, so sorry but yes, you can't enter! Jean, I'll check to see if you are a subscriber already to Talking Story. If not, I'll add your name and then add your name to the giveaway contest. There will be 2 other giveaways two--you'll see soo!

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