Saturday, October 15, 2011

COMFORT: A Book Trailer that Will Leave You in Tears

I am so proud of Joyce Hostetter and her daughter Wendy Davis. 

Joyce, the author of BLUE and COMFORT, asked Wendy to create book trailers for both books. I shared the one for BLUE here. (If you haven't viewed it yet, do this first!) Now, watch the trailer posted below. Than mosey on over to Joyce's blog where you can enter to win this pair of books. 

Just don't forget the Kleenex.


Linda A. said...


You know quality when you see it! I posted a comment on Joyce's blog. Oh, it would be heavenly to win.

Linda A.

Carol Baldwin said...

Linda, I hope you win!!!

Young Authors Program said...

Nice trailer! I'm hopping over to Joyce's site to enter that contest now!!

Jean said...

Beautiful trailer!

Leaves me wanting more...


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Dorothy and Jean for visiting my blog. I think I should lobby Joyce to let all of us win, don't you??