Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guest Blogger: Lisa Kline PLUS A GIVEAWAY - Part II

As promised on last week's blog,  Lisa Kline is giving away her second book in the Sisters in All Seasons series. After she shares her process of writing the series you'll find directions how to win a personally autographed copy of Wild Horse Spring

Carol: How did you get the idea for four different locations and four different animals?

Lisa: Zondervan bought my novel Summer of the Wolves and asked me to write three more novels with the same characters. Since the novel takes place when the family takes a vacation, I thought, what if all four novels take place during vacations? And I started toying with ideas about places I’d been, places I had memories I could use for the books. And one of the characters, Diana, has a tremendous affinity for animals, and so I thought, what if some type of animal is featured in each book? My husband is a veterinarian, so I knew I could pick his brain! And then I thought, what if each vacation takes place in a different season of the year? And from there my editor and I brainstormed the Sisters in All Seasons title.

Carol: Can you describe the interaction with Zondervan about creating the series?

Lisa: I wrote up my ideas, sent them to my agent, and we had a couple of interactions before I was ready to send the series synopsis to Zondervan. Caryn Wiseman, my agent, was tremendously helpful.

Carol: What are your thoughts on writing a series? Would you recommend it to other writers?

Lisa: This has been a wonderful experience. To be with your characters for an extended time like this has been such a gift. There is time to get to know them layer by layer, so much more deeply. I am also getting to know them over time as well. When the first book takes place, Stephanie and Diana have just completed 7th grade. By the 4th book, they are starting high school.

I will admit that I was intimidated at first by having to develop and write three novels in a year and a half. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I did have to be disciplined. I kept myself to a schedule of about two to three pages a day, a minimum of ten pages a week.

Carol: I love how your characters grew up as you wrote the series and you got to know them better with each book. Can you give us a sneak peak into the third and fourth books?

Lisa: Sure! In the third book, Blue Autumn Cruise (due out in October, 2012) they go on a cruise for Stephanie’s grandmother’s 75th birthday. This venue gave me a chance to introduce members of the girls’ extended family. It was tricky to get an animal on a cruise ship, though – and I won’t give that part away!  The fourth book, Winter's Tide, (release February 15, 2013) takes place in one of my most favorite places in the world – near Beaufort, North Carolina, close to where my grandmother grew up. I just visited the Duke Marine Lab there for research.

Carol: Every writer always thinks into the future. So, what’s next for you? Do you plan to stay in the inspirational market or write another series?

Lisa: I don’t know what is next. I was working on another novel when this one sold, and I might get back to work on that. But working on a series has been great fun and I would absolutely love to do it again. I feel tremendously blessed to have had the opportunity. 

Thank you so much, Lisa for sharing your experiences with my readers. Now, here are directions for winning a copy of Wild Horse Spring. Lisa will also be autographing books this Saturday, June 30, at Park Road Books. She'll find time to pick this giveaway winner! Contest closes at noon on Saturday--so start tweeting, following, and Facebooking now!

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4. If you do more than one thing (follow and post to a social network site, or post on two different sites) I'll enter your name TWICE!!


Write2ignite said...

I shared on twitter and google+. I can donate the book to the Concord Public library after I read it, share it with my kids and a good friend of mine! :)

Linda A. said...

Now we all have an excuse for taking a vacation and one in each season. I wish you much success with this series.

I enjoyed this interview very much. I love that you spotlighted a friend and fellow SCBWI member too.

Carol Baldwin said...

Jean, Your name is in the hat! Linda, would you like me to enter your name too? Thanks to both of you for stopping by!

Kristi Butler said...

Great interview! I tweeted it (which I think posts to my FB.) We would share with Metrolina Christian Academy.


Kristi Butler said...

Well, I thought I commented already. Sorry if it pops up twice!

Great interview!!

I tweeted your link. It's on my timeline as well.

We would share with Metrolina Christian Academy.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Kristi. YOur name is in twice!

Jeannie Smith said...

I enjoyed this interview. I love to realize a book has a sequel or is part of a series. My granddaughter is going into 7th grade and is an avid reader. I think these are going to be on her "must read" list. I'd love to win this book, but if not I think it will be a "must buy" for me. Thanks. I will post this on FB for all my friends to see.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Jeannie, for leaving a comment and for the shout out on Facebook! Your name goes in the hat!

Edupreneur said...

Shared twice - Facebook and Twitter. Love these book giveaways. The prizes are some of my favorite reading.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for entering and sharing the contest!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

I facebooked it. If I win, I will (if I can be a nice person) give it to Jeannie for her grand girl who reviewed books for us in the last issue of Talking Story.

Of course if I don't give it that means she'll go out and buy it. But knowing, Jeannie, she'll buy the other 3 in the series. So it's all good!

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