Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Janelle Bitikofer
What is "Writermorphosis?"

It is Janelle Bitikofer's awesome blog which details the work she is doing in the Dominican Republic. Her blog is also home to the ongoing "Each One Teach One" series that highlights authors,  who they have learned from, and how they have given back to the writing community. 

I was honored when she asked me to join a few my favorite writers (including Alan Gratz and Joyce Hostetter) to write a blog post for her. Writing posts like this is a good way to remember how much I have learned from others (like Joyce!) that I now pass along to new writers.

I hope you enjoy the blog and leave a comment for Janelle. Better yet, subscribe to her blog! She is generously sharing other writers' wisdom with the world!


Jean said...

Thanks, Carol. I'm headed next door to Janelle's blog.


Clara Gillow Clark said...

I enjoyed the interview on Janelle's blog with Stephen Messer. I think she's come up with a nifty niche for herself. Thanks for introducing us via your page!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Jean & Clara for visiting my blog and Janelle's. Isn't it interesting to see how different writers' blogs reflect their personalities and interests?

Linda A. said...

I'm glad you'll be included on Janelle's interviews. That's terrific. She interviews some of the area's best.

Linda A. said...

Hi Carol,
I found it. Here's what comments I wrote on Janelle's site:
Terrific interview and nice giveaway to those who respond. I'm glad you're polishing your fiction novel. I loved the first page of it back at an earlier conference in Charlotte. It swept me right up in it.

Carol Baldwin said...

Glad you found it, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Great pic of Janelle and looking forward to reading your contribution to her blog!

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