Friday, February 29, 2008

My visit to Plumsteadville, Pa.

Despite icy roads and a 2 hour delay, my workshops at Plumstead Christian School on February 13 & 14th were well received. First, I taught the middle school faculty “How to Teach the Short Story” and we discussed the application to science, math, social studies, and Bible curriculums. That afternoon the faculty observed me lead the 7th graders through the process of creating an historical fiction character. The combination of first teaching the faculty and then allowing them to observe me working with their students reinforced the principles which I had just taught. I highly recommend this process for other upper elementary and middle schools which are looking for ways to improve their students’ writing.

The next day the their imaginations and created original science fiction characters. After some initial “Are you guys awake?” shyness, they ended up having fun 8th graders stretched as they worked in small groups and wrote descriptive paragraphs that were consistent and yet, out of this world. After a short break, I led the 6th graders through the process of creating a “non-criminal/everyday” mini-mystery. I had the opportunity to work/play with an Intelliboard for the first time; students had fun showing how their suspect was the “Whodunit”; and their teachers were impressed with their students’ ability to assimilate lots of material and write a short mystery in 90 minutes. What fun!
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Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Wow! Plumsteadville, PA! That's where my mom grew up and where my grandparents lived all those years when I was a child and visited them. Great memories there! I also think I did an early author visit at Plumstead Christian School!

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