Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beach Hands

I rarely write poetry. Every once in awhile, particularly when I'm relaxed on vacation, I play with words and out pops a poem. Here is one I wrote tonight:

ocean hands curl
white, foam grabbing land, layering
sticky, salty, sand, icing
ankles and toes.
Children are crabs,
playing tag
daring waves
to catch them
if they can.

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Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Nice! I see the word icing - is the water chilly? Seems early.

Carol said...

I hadn't even thought of that meaning to the word "icing." I was thinking more in terms of layers of sand sticking like icing sticks to cake. wasn't sure where to put the word. This is what I like about poetry- I just play with words with no particular goal in mind. I should keep that in mind with other types of writing, right? And then, it's nice when there are double meanings which i don't even pick up on!

Jean said...

Oooo! What fun. This summer I plan to keep my little sketch book with me everywhere I go and try not only to sketch the things I see, but to write poems, too.

Words--I love them!


Carol said...

yes, words are addictive, aren't they?

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