Monday, May 30, 2011

HENRY RIVER MILL HILL: Where Hunger Games is Being Filmed

Today I am hosting Joyce Hostetter, my friend and co-presenter at writing workshops. I hope you enjoy her post and the corresponding one on her blog.  Joyce, please tell my readers about what's going on in your neck of the woods and welcome to my blog!

Thanks, Carol.  I'm thrilled to be here to talk about one of my favorite spots. 

You know how much I love that Henry River Mill Village in my "neck of the woods" so when I heard that the Hunger Games movie is being filmed there I figured this was the perfect time to blog about it.  (for both our blogs!)

How convenient that the two of us have some pics from our little visit there a few years ago! 

Henry River is a place I drive through on a fall day just to see the way the leaves color the long slow hill and also because it is way more scenic than going home by interstate.

It's the sort of place that would make a great time travel device if I wanted to write that sort of book. It's hard to drive through without getting sucked back into history. It's difficult to go through at all. Because it begs you to stop and look around.

Me at one of the old Henry River Mill homes on a little drive through with Carol.

I've done that a few times - you know - back before I got wiser about obeying No Trespassing Signs and before it felt more risky to me. I mean, hello - a few years ago I heard on the radio that a body had been dumped there.

There is a dam on the river below the mill village.

And lots of ways to get hurt, I'm sure. Once I stood by the tower-like structure that housed the dam's turbine, looked into the window and saw only darkness and heard the water rushing below and my knees went a little weak and my mind went a little crazy imagining that the window sill beneath my elbows could collapse and I could fall into the dark rushing water.

 I haven't gone that close since.  Amazing what a few decades will do for a body's common sense.

 More recently, I've stayed close to the road - where anyone could see and rescue me if something should go wrong.   Carol and I took a little jaunt there a few years back. 
Carol, checking out remnants of the Mill Hill's former life.
There were always boxes of socks overflowing the shacks that once housed mill workers.

More socks!

Lots of houses which I'm sure were also stuffed with stories!

Part of the milling operation.  This building contained machinery powered by the dam behind it. The main mill building is apparently no longer there.

The company store.  For a few years there was even a school in the second floor. You can read more about that at this fabulous site with photos, history, a map, and stories from the Henry River Mill.

Last week, I drove through Henry River after the production company was finished with a day of filming.  You can see a few pics of that at my blog.

Thanks, Joyce. When my readers go to see Hunger Games, they will be able to say, "I saw that first on Carol Baldwin's blog!"


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Thanks for having me Carol. Loved being on your blog with such a fun topic!

Linda Phillips said...

Fascinating stuff, Carol and Joyce. You should try out for "extras" in the movie process, ha!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Linda, I've heard these movie operations feed the "extras" really well so yes, I should have tried out! I love great finger food.

Jean said...

So cool! You two love to travel to interesting places, don't you?


esss said...

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CL said...

Wow! Thanks for the cool photos. I'm so curious about this movie- I actually know someone who's going to be an extra in the film. I was undecided about seeing it before (I think it will be so disturbing as a movie) but now I'll have to see it.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks friends, for posting comments. Yes, Jean, Joyce and I do get to travel to interesting places. I actually met her in AL so maybe that's what started us out. She has definitely taught me to always pack a camera. And yes, Constance, my interest is piqued now too!

Anonymous said...

Carol and Joyce,

I seriously think you should try out! Think of all the great bits you could be feeding your readers via your blogs!! :)

And thanks for keeping us "posted" (ha-ha!)on the Hunger Games filming. I have to say, having read the books that the location does seem perfect.

Carol, I will definitely be coming back to your blog!

All my best,

Carol Baldwin said...

Well, that is something Joyce and I haven't collaborated on ....yet! But it might just pull us away from our writing. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed getting to know you via your posts on Joyce's.

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