Monday, August 13, 2018

Two New Picture Books--Two Giveaways!

Thanks to Sleeping Bear Press, I receive their new picture books. This is good news for all of you--more picture books to give away!


What kid (or adult, for that matter) wouldn't be drawn to a book with the title of Junk

Where most people see trash, Sylvia Samantha Wright sees possibilities. But even she doesn't always see what the trash can be turned into--she just knows it's something. She collects leaky tires, a pack of gum with a few sticks left, empty paint cans, discarded pipes and motors. Each time, she's questioned what she's going to do with the discarded trash she answers, "I'm working on something."

But she really has no idea what she's going to do with her stuff. An encounter with Ezekiel Mather changes everything. He reassures her that she will indeed, discover what she needs to know. 

When the community's water tower springs a leak, the mayor finds herself with a serious problem.

A problem, that only Sylvia--and her junk--can fix. 

Written by Nicholas Day with whimsical illustrations by Tom Disbury, this adorable picture book will entertain and educate kids and adults. With a positive slant on creative recycling, this book is a great curriculum resource for ages 4-8.


A bullfrog named BULLY. Why didn't I think of that? I guess because author illustrator Jennifer Sattler did! 

True to his name, Bully takes over a pond full of lovely lilies. He commanders everything from the lily's beautiful fragrance to the blossoms themselves. When a bee comes along and informs him that he's squashing the last remaining flower and Bully dismisses him, the bee has an idea. 

Suddenly, the bee, along with his insect friends, out-maneuver Bully. 

He's forced to leave his precious lily pad

and find a new home. 

In a humorous manner Sattler shows what happens when people bully others. Kids--and adults--will get the message.

Sattler closes this book, another great classroom resource for pre-school through second graders, with several suggestions on how children can exercise kindness.

Here's a lily pond that Bully would love!
(Although he might have to share it with a few gators)
The Villages, Florida 

Please leave a comment by August 16 with your email address if you are new to my blog and let me know which book you prefer to win. 


Grannyjo said...

Junk sounds like a fun book and I’ve always been a dedicated saver (and collector ) of “things”. I love the characters answer “I’m working on something” and will use it from now on whenever anyone asks, usually in dismay, “WHAT are you going to do with THAT! “
Please enter me for BULLY also. I look back on my life as a child and remember some of the hurtful things said all the way up through my teen years. Could be why I avoid confrontations now, even at my grown up old age!

Carol Baldwin said...

Happy to enter your name in for both, Jo Lyn!

Young Authors Program said...

Both of these PBs look like great reads! Their titles captured me right away. Thanks for sharing!

Clara Gillow Clark said...

Everything GrannyJo said goes for me! I’d love to win either of these books for Great nieces or nephews. Both titles look like terrific reads for all ages. Thanks for offering this generous opportunity, Carol!

Carol Baldwin said...

Dorothy and Clara-- You are both in for both giveaways. Thanks for your support!

Sandra Warren said...

Both books sound and look like stories little ones will LOVE! Great job once again, Carol.

Jana Leah B said...

Please enter me for both books. I think they'd be great for my niece.

Cat Michaels said...

What enchanting books, Carol! Love that the protagonists of the junk tale are both female, and it’s especially fine to see a lady mayor. Brilliant play on words with “Bully” and demonstration of how even the smallest of us can band together to be upstanders.

sheri levy said...

These picture books are adorable! Thanks for sharing-

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Cat, Sheri, Jana and Sandra. You're all in!

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