Saturday, December 26, 2020

Letters from My Tooth Fairy: A Picture Book Review

 Congratulations to Susan Rice who won TAILS FROM THE ANIMAL SHELTER.

Letters from My Tooth Fairy, is Brooke Hecker's debut picture book. Written with a great sense of humor, I'm sure it won't be her last. Deborah Melmon's lively illustrations enhance the text. Together, they have created a book that belongs in every home and dental office. 

I have worked in my husband's dental practice and appreciate the facts that are intertwined with an entertaining story of a child losing her teeth. By the way, these letters are based on real letters Hecker's daughters received from their tooth fairy. 


Natalie loses tooth #1, the bottom central incisor, and her tooth fairy congratulates her on good tooth brushing and informs her that as she places lost teeth under her pillow, she will receive a "bit of money" in return.

Tooth #2 is lost during a blizzard, but the tooth fairy finds her way to Natalie's house. Tooth #3 is knocked out when Natalie runs into a wall.

Natalie worries about how big her teeth will grow, but the tooth fairy reassures her that she will not look like a walrus forever.

Throughout the book, the thoughtful tooth fairy knows a lot about Natalie's life, so when her baby sister is born, the Tooth Fairy leaves a necklace for Natalie. When Natalie moves and is afraid the Tooth Fairy won't be able to find her, she leaves her a shimmery fairy night-light.

Natalie worries about swallowing a lost tooth, and the smart Tooth Fairy answers her fears.

The story ends when Natalie is twelve and has her primary molars removed to get ready for braces. "It's always sad for me to say goodbye, but I am so proud to have watched you grow up." The tooth fairy says as she flies away with Natalie's two last baby teeth.

But she'll be back. Natalie's younger sister has her first loose incisor.


Sorry, no giveaway this week. I gave this book to my grandchildren so they could learn more about losing teeth!

But, this would make a great gift for a child or grandchild who loses his first tooth--or for your family dentist! 


Jana Leah B said...

Oh this book looks so cute. I like that it's educational too.

Carol Baldwin said...

thanks Jana Leah. It's an adorable book!

Joan Y. Edwards said...

Deer Carol,
Thanks for sharing great books with us. Merry after Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Never Give Up
Believe in you
You are a child of God

Rosi said...

Never apologize for not giving a book away. We all need to keep some for many reasons. Thanks for telling me about this book. It looks awfully cute.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thank you, Joan!

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