Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Enter Giveaways! Win Books! (And of course, a Giveaway)

 Congratulations to Joyce Hostetter who won For To See The Elephant from last week's blog.


Book Winner Extraordinaire!

I haven't counted how many books I've given away since I started this blog over ten years ago. All I know is that I love doing it and appreciate the authors and publishers who supply me with books and the people who enter the giveaways. You don't know how fun it is for me to put your names into (a long way off from writing names on slips of paper for my mother to draw out of a hat) and see whose name is chosen.

Margaret Federlin picks a winner of Lisa Kline's book, Summer of the Wolves, 2012

One of my frequent winners is Connie Saunders. I thought that she'd won about 10 books, in fact, it's over 25!  Here's what she had to say:

Shortly after I retired as a public librarian in 2015, I discovered Carol's blog dedicated to books and literacy. Many of the books she features are for children and young adults and I was especially eager to stay informed since my granddaughter Isabella was born shortly after my retirement. Carol often shares a giveaway for the books that she features and I've been very fortunate to win several of these books. My latest win was Just Between Sam and Me by Cat Michaels and Rosie Russell

In May, I won Through the Wardrobe by Lina Maslo. It's a great introduction to C.S. Lewis's books.

Here are some of the other books that I've won for Isabella:

I urge all of you to read Carol's blog. She features outstanding books and gives you a chance to win some of them. You can earn multiple entries by sharing on other social media so you need to Read--Enter--Share!

What are Your Favorite Giveaway Blogs?

I win children's books from Kathy Temean's blog, Writing and Illustrating, and from Rosi Hollenbeck's blog. How about you? Where do you win books?


This blog wouldn't be complete without a giveaway. Today I'm giving away The Middle School Writing Toolkit by Tim Clifford; it will be an asset in every middle school classroom. If you're homeschooling (and who isn't these days?) and feel stuck on writing instruction, this book will help you plan and execute lessons. 

Leave me a comment by January 15 and I'll enter your name. MAKE SURE you leave me your email address if you are new to my blog. I've had several "Unknowns" leave me comments and I can't enter you without a name and email address. If you follow my blog OR share this on social media, I'll enter your name twice. 


Lois said...

This sounds like a great resource for authors as well as teachers. And my home-schooled grandchildren would also benefit from this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Carol.

Lois Bartholomew

Melissa Miles said...

Thank you so much for all the great opportunities to win books!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thank you Melissa and Lois. Your names start this list!

Antoinette said...

This looks like an essential book for teachers and writers of middle grade lit. Thanks for the post.

Rosie Russell said...

How exciting for Connie to win all these awesome books for her granddaughter.
I love the photo of her holding our book, "Just Between Sam and Me." I hope she enjoys Olivia's journey with her horse and friends.
"The Middle School Writing Kit" book will be helpful for readers to win. So many children are being homeschooled today.
Thanks always for you wonderful blog posts and giveaways, Carol.

Connie Porter Saunders said...

Thanks for another great giveaway and for featuring Isabella and me on your blog today. I'm sharing your giveaway on TWitter and Facebook.

Danielle H. said...

This looks like an excellent resource for teachers and home schooling parents. Thank you for introducing us to this book and so many others. I shared on tumblr:

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Danielle! And thanks Connie-- you wrote the blog--and I'm happy to enter your name for Tool Kit Antoinette, please identify yourself. I can't enter you without your email address!

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