Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrating Poetry Month

In honor of  celebrating April as poetry month, here are some classroom resources. The first is an unpublished poem written by my friend, Linda Phillips. She gives you permission to use it with your elementary students as you celebrate spring together:


It wasn’t when the snow melted
   or the air forgot to sting
        neither was it by the calendar
            when I knew it must be Spring.

But the sun in Daddy’s voice
    the winking of an eye
         first drive into the country
             to hear the new lambs cry.

This second poem, written by Brod Bagert the author of Hormone Jungle, (Maupin House, 2006) has an older audience in mind. This poem is taken from his book that is simultaneously poignant and humorous. Poems will be appreciated by middle school students and teachers alike.

Aunt Aurora's Promise

I don't think Daddy likes her,
He says she's pretty wild,
just because she dresses
With her own Aurora-style.

She never ever wears her hair
The way my Daddy likes,
She uses lots of gooey stuff
And shapes it into spikes.

Her lips are painted purple,
And her nails are painted black,
So Aunt Aurora looks as though
                                         She's ready to attack.

So Daddy's feeling nervous,
He's feeling full of stress,
Cause Aunt Aurora promised me
She'd teach me how to dress.

Finally, here are some links to more poetry resources provided by the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (October, 2009):

Poetry Alive is a good site for teaching poetry, especially through performance. Check out "Poetry resources" for ways you can incorporate poetry into the classroom.

Favorite Poem Project documents ways that poetry affects and informs people's lives. Includes videos, readings, lessons plans and poetry workshops.

ReadWriteThink has many poetry (as well as other literacy) resources. This one shows how to make magnetic poetry in your classroom.

National Writing Project Scroll down to "Spotlight on Poetry Programs for Teachers." Lessons, ideas, radio broadcasts, and more.

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Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Love the Aunt Aurora poem!

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