Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Never say “No”

Once I refused to write about a particular glass artist for a prestigious children's magazine because I wanted to write about a different glass artist. I was consequently totally bummed when I held the published article (written by someone else!) in my hands, and thought, "I could have written this!" Ever since that day, I've tried to live by my "Never say 'No'" rule.

So, when my publisher, Julie Graddy of Maupin House, called a month ago and asked me to write 60 mini-lessons for their Craft Plus® Writing Program, I listened. It wasn't what I had thought that I would be writing next, but I remembered my rule and agreed. Maupin House had recently decided to add fictional narrative to the new sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade middle school Daily Writing Lessons portion of the program. And, although I have been working on a tight deadline, I have enjoyed the challenge of adapting the approach in Teaching the Story and for the Craft Plus® writing program.

If your school is looking for a comprehensive set of writing lessons, check out this series which is successfully used by teachers across the country. The innovative K-8 writing curriculum has been around for a few years, with improvements and additions made every year. This year, the teacher packs will be sold separately from the staff development/reference videos. Schools can buy a $199 teacher pack (which includes the grade-level Daily Writing Lessons, Curriculum Guide, and an integrated professional resource), for just one teacher, several teachers, or school-or district-wide. All assessed genres are covered with a spiraling, differentiated writing curriculum that emphasizes explicit instruction and authentic practice, includes assessments, and which incorporates writing process and conventions skills, too.

I am proud to be a part of a series initially developed by Marcia S. Freeman, and that now includes lessons by Sarah Stafford, Jeannie Keaton, Suzanne Wilkinson, Candice Allen Ray, Carol Winger, Susan Koehler, Susan Davis, Sheila Veatch, Allie Tyler, Tim Clifford, and pretty soon…me!

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Jean Matthew Hall said...

Wow, Carol!

Your influence as a writer is growing and growing.


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Good for you for saying yes! Hope you love the outcome!

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