Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teaching Tidbits

Here are some dates for teachers to remember this spring:

March 31 is the deadline for the "Teach, Tape, & Win" contest sponsored by Schoolwide, Inc. This contest encourages teachers to film their teaching experiences and share them with fellow educators online.

April is Poetry Month. The Academy of American Poets has 30 ways to celebrate poetry. I like April 29-- "Poem in Your Pocket Day." Poetry lovers are encouraged to carry a poem to share with their friends, family, on a social networking site, or on the job.

June 25 is the deadline for students to send their original writing (essays, interviews, poems, plays, and short stories) to Skipping Stones. This non-profit, multi-cultural magazine recognizes both literary and artistic work by young people ages 7-17.
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1 comment:

WordWrangler said...

great list. I'll see if my DD wants to enter the Skipping Stones thingee. Sounds like fun!

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