Thursday, March 10, 2022

WRITE TO IGNITE PRESENTS: A Master Class on Writing Devotionals

 I am happy to share that the Spring 2022 Write2Ignite Master Class will be taught by author and speaker, Karen Whiting. Check out the pile of devotionals she's written!

Since the world is still in a Covid/Post-Covid mode, the class will be on Zoom and will be recorded.

Karen has a full day scheduled for all attendees. Take a look:

Session 1 Writing Devotion Basics and the Core Message

  • The basics of writing devotions for various age groups.
  • Step-by-step instructions on writing devotions.
  • What makes a devotion touch readers and impact lives.

Session 2 Polishing the Devotion

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of sample devotions.
  • How to edit for tightness, readability, sense appeal, and take-away.
  • A checklist for both strengths and weakness.
  • How to accessorize your devotion well.

Session 3: Submitting Devotions and Creating a Collection of Themed Devotions

  • How to submit devotions and apply to write devotions for publications who assign devotions to authors.
  • A series of devotions can become a book if they are cohesive. How to center around a theme and target a specific intended audience.
  • What is the “Big Idea” of a devotional book?
  • How to divide the big theme into smaller ones for weeks or months.


Guest speaker, Michelle Medlock Adams will talk about her new children's imprint with End Game Press and Marianne Hering will share what type of parenting tips and hacks she's looking for Focus on the Family.

If you're a Christian writer who wants to break into the devotional market, than this is the class for you!

Here's the link to register

To read a sample devotional by Write2Ignite's friend, Lori Hatcher, go here. To read some tips on writing devotionals for kids and adults, read  Jarm Del Boccio's post here.

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Hope to see you in April on Zoom!

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