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Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Media But Didn't Know Who to Ask

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For those of you who are outside the SCBWI-Carolinas region you may not know Joan Y. Edwards, our regional "go to" person when members have questions about blogging and social media. She generously agreed to answer some of my questions about Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. PLUS she is giving away a critique of 1000 words, a pitch and a query OR a blog consultation to one of you! Today we'll start by learning how to link Facebook Pages to Twitter accounts. Next week Joan will discuss more about blogging. 
What kind of Facebook page can you link to Twitter?

If your Facebook profile post is marked public, you can share it
with Twitter. Most of us only share our posts from 
our Facebook profile pages with our friends. These are NOT public. 
After you have a regular Facebook profile page, you can add a special page, such as an author page, an illustrator's page, a blogger's page, or a business page which are all public and anyone can see what's posted on it. THESE public pages can be linked to Twitter. If you like a person's public page, then it goes into your friends timeline so they can see it when they click on their home page.

Here's a link to explain more:

How do you link a Facebook page to Twitter?

If you manage a Facebook page, you can share updates on your Twitter account with your Twitter followers, and you can control what type of updates you'd like to share: status updates, links, photos, notes, events. If you have multiple pages, you have the option to link each of these pages to different Twitter accounts. 

Here are directions to post automatically from Twitter to Facebook page: https://support.twitter.com/articles/31113

How do you link from your personal profile page to your author page? 

1. Click on the share button.
2. There are six places you can choose to share:
    1. Share Now (Friends) It goes immediately to your friends.
    2. Share (if you click on this middle share, it takes you to five more choices. If you choose:
On your timeline. When you click on this, it goes immediately to your timeline.
On a friend’s timeline. (Type in their Facebook name, their name should pop up, click on their name. Then write a note in the box with “Say Something about this...” Click on the Share Link button on right hand side below the link.
In a group. (Type in the name of the group and choose it when Facebook pops the name up. For instance, if you type in To Market To Market, the whole group name should pop up. You have to click on the name when it pops up. Then write a note in the box with “Say Something about this...” Click on the Share Link button on right hand side below the link.
On a page you manage. It will have the name of the page. If you have more than one page you manage, you can click on the down arrow to see other pages. Click on the page you want to which you want to post. Then write a note in the box with “Say Something about this...” Click on the Share Link button on right hand side below the link.
In a private message. When you click on this, it has a box with TO and the word names. Click on names and type the person’s name there. You will see a box with “Say Something about this...” above the link. Type your message to go with the link. Click Share link button on right hand side below the link.

What are the advantages of people liking your Facebook author page? 

Here's a great article on that:
Joan Y. Edwards is author/illustrator of picture book, Flip Flap Floodle. Her Never Give Up blog has over 300,000 views and over 330 subscribers. She presented a "Blogging Basics" workshop at the 2012 SCBWI-Carolinas Conference in Charlotte and two workshops at the 2014 SCWW (S.C. Writers Workshop) Conference in Myrtle Beach: "Get Your Blog Going and Make It Stand Out" and "How to Add Pizzazz to Your Blog." Two of her books are scheduled for release in 2016: Joan's Elder Care Guide and Larry, the Terrifying Turkey

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Carol, thanks for sharing such great info from Joan. This will be put in my marketing folder :). Joan was so patient and helpful when she helped me set up my blog! Now I can use this post to figure out this linking business :)thank you Joan!

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