Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BEING FRANK: Five Free Skype Visits with Author Donna Earnhardt

I don't want to overload anyone's inbox, so I rarely blog twice a week. But every once in awhile I want to pass along information in a timely fashion and this post is an exception to my once-a-week blog rule. 
Donna Earnhardt is no stranger to the Carolina's SCBWI region and to this blog. I first blogged about Donna's picture book in 2012 when Being Frank was new to the world. Now, she has a special offer that I wanted you to know about. Without further ado, here is Donna!

Kindness is needed in today’s world… lots of it!
In an effort to share Frank, and his message of sharing truth with kindness, Donna is hosting a “Being Frank: More Sugar, Less Pepper!” contest!
To enter:
1. Post a picture of your librarian, students, or teachers reading Being Frank on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
2. Use the hashtags #MoreSugarLessPepper and #BeingFrankIn followed by your state’s initials (example: BeingFrankIn NY) PLEASE NOTE: BOTH hashtags are required!
3. Donna will choose the post she likes best, so be creative! She wouldn’t be opposed to seeing your principal in a Mrs. Peacock hat!
4. The FIVE winning schools will earn a free Skype visit with Donna Earnhardt, author of Being Frank.
Each individual post is counted as its own entry, so the more posts, the better!
Contest ends November 12, 2016.
Winners will be announced on November 13 in honor of World Kindness Day!

Find more Being Frank info and handouts at Flashlight Press.
Librarians and teachers--this is an opportunity you don't want to pass up. Donna is hilarious and will give a great Skype lesson for your school. Please let me know if you win!


Linda Phillips said...

Very clever marketing idea, Donna! Have fun with it!

Young Authors Program said...

Donna, awesome idea and very creative! I love it!

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Dorothy and LInda. You guys should try something similar!

Bonnie J. Doerr said...

Sounds like just what the country needs at this time - more sugar - in the expressive southern way, of course. "Give me some sugar," means something entirely different down here! I had to get used to it, but eventually hugged and kissed any trusted family member who asked for it! Sugar = love!

Linda A. said...

A great author and a great opportunity. Sweet of you to promote this, Carol!

Carol Baldwin said...

Bonnie--yes, so true about "sugar" being Southern! And LInda--you shared this too. Happy to support other NC authors!!

Sandra Warren said...

Very clever marketing idea, Donna. Being Frank is the PERFECT book to pull this off with.
I hope it's a rousing success!


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Sandra. I believe you re right!

Donna Earnhardt said...

Thank y'all so much! Please feel free to sharing with local school librarians and thank you, Carol, for being so awesome!!

Carol Baldwin said...

My pleasure, Donna!

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