Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And a word from Highlights

In an e-mail correspondence with Kim Griswell, Coordinating Editor at Highlights, I mentioned that even though I've written about Paul Stankard several times, the article I wrote for Highlights Magazine is probably the best explanation I have written about the paperweight process. My 19-year-old daughter Lisa (who actually visited his NJ studio and saw the process several years ago) read the article and said, "Now I know how he does it!"

I told Kim that I have always maintained that when someone writes for children, they write the best. She responded, "Absolutely! You can't fudge things or be unclear when you're writing for kids. It's the toughest kind of writing to do, and the most rewarding."

That proves two things. Highlights is for kids of ALL ages, and writing for children and young adults is not something that writers do before they go on to "real" writing for adults.

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