Thursday, May 31, 2007

Writing Classes in Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for writing classes in Charlotte, you might want to check out Maureen Griffin's website. In addition to being a poet and instructor at Queens College and CPCC, she also has a full schedule of writing classes. A number of people who take her classes and/or use her coaching and critique services have been published. Her book, Spinning Words into Gold was featured on the North Carolina Arts Council's website.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a family vacation and will join up the rest of the Baldwin crew in Arkansas. I hope to catch up on writing fiction--it seems as if I rarely have time for "fun" writing anymore! Later in June, I'll share what I learn in the process.


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...


Would you be willing to post a note about our upcoming Young Author's contest? We want to encourage kids to get writing this summer and enter their books in our contest.
Here's a link to our page:

The deadline isn't until November 4, 2010 but it's a great summer project for kids from K-8.

Many thanks,
Meaghan Clark
Web Editor, Marketing Manager
Charlotte Parent magazine

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