Monday, May 7, 2007

Conversation with Carol Crane, Learning through SCBWI, & More

I had a nice conversation over the weekend, with Carol Crane author of a number of beautiful ABC and number picture books. She voiced a concern that I have heard from many children's authors: people just aren't buying as many books for children as they used to. She wondered if it was a symptom of our economoy, I pointed out that most households in the US have at least one television and many have computers (and almost everyone has at least one cell phone!). We agreed that it's a matter of priorities--and that buying books may not be as important in our culture as it used to be. Any other opinions on the subject?

On another note, the Charlotte SCBWI group had our monthly meeting on Saturday morning. Even when I don't bring something to be critiqued myself, I always learn from the give and take that we share. Over the 12 + years which I have been moderating this group, I have learned a tremendous amount from the process of answering the questions, "What is wrong with this piece?" and "How can this writer make her work better?" These same questions are the same which writers of any age must ask of themselves and of their peer's work. This process of critical analysis is one that I advocate in my book and "Red Pencil" workshops.

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