Monday, October 27, 2014

Book Metaphors, Life Changes, and of course, a Giveaway!

Congratulations to Gretchen Griffith who won the audio CD of The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill on last week's blog.

After twenty-eight years, next week my husband Creighton and I will be loading a truck and moving to the eastern part of North Carolina to be closer to children and grandchildren.  This post is full of  nostalgia, memories, and family. But before it ends, I promise a literary connection too. 

6764 Benning Wood Drive
In this home we celebrated birthdays,
Lindsey Baldwin Kasten
circa 1987

Lisa Baldwin Edgar
circa 1995

And had our family picture taken on the porch.

Circa 1992

We welcomed son's-in-laws, grand-dogs,
Circa 2005
and grandchildren.
Circa 2009
With Ebby and Caitlin
We licked homemade strawberry jam from a century-old pot,
Margaret & Henry Federlin
Circa 2005

And baked cookies,
Lisa and Grandma Federlin
Rachel Federlin, 2012
With my sister,
Barbara Federlin, 2012
more than a few times.

We played poker,

and prayed with friends.
With Beth Schulz, circa 1990.

Our home hosted a few writing retreats,
With Donna Earnhardt, Rebecca Petruck, & Joyce Hostetter
and was the construction site for new dental office cabinets.
"During" with
Robert Toupal

Several friends--even those who aren't writers--have waxed poetic about our move.  "You're just ending one chapter and starting a new one." 

And of course, they're right. 

But I'm not the only one who is facing changes.

One of my closest writing buddies, Linda Phillips, is celebrating a new chapter in her life. 
Working on CRAZY at a
Baldwin Writing Retreat

She is on her first book tour in Oregon, celebrating the debut of her YA novel-in-verse, CRAZY.
Linda recently celebrated her launch
at the Oregon Institute of Technology
Linda and I have been friends ever since Fran Davis, a former Regional Advisor of SCBWI-Carolinas, told us that we would work well together as co-chairs of the conference in Charlotte. 

Fifteen years later, I'm celebrating the new chapters in each of our lives by giving away a copy of CRAZY.

There you have it. Book Metaphors, Life Changes. And a Giveaway!
Faced any life changes recently or in the past? Leave me a comment by 8 AM on October 30 and tell me about it. Share this in your social media of choice and I'll enter your name twice. Don't forget to tell me what you did and leave your email address if I don't have it. 



Anonymous said...

I hope the move goes smoothly! You are not saying goodbye to old friends, only making new ones. :)

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Rebecca. That was a quick reply to this blog. You're first on the giveaway!

Linda Phillips said...

Carol, I'm sniffling from afar, and greatly touched by the inclusion of my transitions into yours. And as we have mentioned already, God has wonderful new paths for both of us, but the journey we've shared so far will always be treasured.

Carol Baldwin said...

Agreed, Linda. But the transition definitely is bathed with tears!

Melodye said...

I've moved more times in my life, settled in more places than I'd care to count. But the thing I've always carried with me is an inner compass, location set to HOME.'s what comes of being wholly at peace, completely in the moment. Hard to define, much less obtain. But we build it, don't we, with memories like these?

Wishing you safe travels, Carol. Packing isn't so terrible when you know you'll be greeted by loved ones when you finally get home. xo

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Melodye. Your comment brings me to tears. Yes--home is so important and much more than about walls and floors. It's our plants (almost included a picture of a wall of hydrangeas!) that we've planted, our family and friends who have walked in and out of the door--all of the above. And yes, something to be built over time.

Gail Hurlburt said...


As a pastor's wife and many years of living in a parsonage, in 2003 my pastor husband and I bought a home. This was after our first move in 1975 to Spartanburg, SC; then to Whitmire, SC (1980) to Westminster (1982) Iva, SC (1987) and to Randleman, NC in 2000. Roots can run deep after a few years in a location. My family has fond memories, particularly of Iva in Anderson County, SC.

Best wishes to you and your husband in this move east!

Gail Hurlburt
Randleman, NC

sheri levy said...

I moved away from CA in 1976, leaving family, and friends I'd grown up with as a child and a culture that was entirely different than the south. I felt lost! But once we settled in our new home, my immediate family made it home!
It will be different, but your golden friends will always be there for you, if not in person, on the phone, on the internet, Skype. I wish you safe travels...

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Sheri and Gail. I realized today (duh!) that this house is the place I've lived longest. WHich makes the move out and on harder. But trusting that the Lord will be with us, directing and guiding this new chapter of our lives. It helps to hear of others' moves! (and survival) :)

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Sheri and Gail. I realized today (duh!) that this house is the place I've lived longest. WHich makes the move out and on harder. But trusting that the Lord will be with us, directing and guiding this new chapter of our lives. It helps to hear of others' moves! (and survival) :)

Rosi said...

I understand about moving to be closer to children and grandchildren. We have done that and it was well worth it. Enjoy your new beginning. Please let someone else win Crazy. I have a copy on its way to me and am really looking forward to reading it.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Rosi. Your comments were thoughtful and helpful all around! Let me know what you think of CRAZY!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Loved seeing the images of your family growing up. Also the house undergoing changes!

Not sure I love having you move farther away from me but I am grateful for SKYPE!

And I'll come see you in your new home.

Linda A. said...

I already won an ARC of Crazy so I will ask not to be included in the drawing. It is a super book. One I enjoyed very much.

I did want to wish you all the best in your move to be nearer your children and grandchildren.

Thank goodness we can still keep in touch through conferences, blogs, emails, etc.

I hope it all goes smoothly!

Joan Y. Edwards said...

Dear Carol, I wish you good luck. You are a good friend. You will meet new friends. People will welcome you into their hearts where you move. God will show you the way!

Thanks for sharing your move with us, the readers on your blog.

I remember when we moved from Georgia to Virginia when I was seven years old. I hadn't learned to write cursive yet. The new school learned to write cursive in first grade. It was hard to learn it. However, I did.

As a teacher, I taught many students to write cursive.

The irony of all that is that they do not teach cursive in most public schools today.

I'd love to win a copy of Linda Phillips' book, "Crazy."


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Joan, for your sweet note. Appreciate hearing of how others have weathered moves throughout their lives! Entered you in the giveaway!

Carol Baldwin said...

Glad you enjoyed CRAZY, Linda. And Joyce--here is your chance to win a copy. I too am thankful for the many ways I will be able to stay in touch with ALL my friends. Like a snowball that grows and grows--my circle of friends (Boy, am I mixing metaphors here!) keeps expanding!

sheri levy said...

Hi Carol, just realized you were giving Crazy away from thus post. I have already read the wonderful book and now that I'm home will do a review on Amazon and Goodreads for Linda.
I hope the packing doesn't get you down. Sending hugs!

Carol Baldwin said...

I know Linda will appreciate your reviews Sheri. thanks for letting me know you've already read CRAZY.

Anonymous said...

Carol wishing you a low stress move and much happiness and wonderful new memories in your new home! I am in the process of reading Linda's wonderful book so you do not have to include me in the drawing :)

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Kathleen. Glad you're enjoying CRAZY!

Unknown said...

Hi! Thank you for sharing a snapshot of the different seasons. I remember that house fondly and wish you both the best with the move. Tell your family I said, "hello!"


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for stopping by, Olivia. Nice to hear your voice on my blog. Yes--you were a frequent visitor for sure!

.Grace Ocasio said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for sharing these wonderful family photos. I wish you well on your upcoming move.


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Grace. Your name is in the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely post, Carol. Moving is hard, but the new place will soon be full of memories. Especially since you'll be close to family. Where is the new house, soon to be home? I live in New Bern and would love to be a new friend if you're close by.
I have already read Linda's beautifully written book. I'm always amazed by people who can write in rhyme. I'm planning an interview with Linda on my blog sometime after the beginning of November.
I've moved a number of times over my life, but the hardest was the last one. We owned a horse farm for 22 years, but when we had to put down our wonderful old Walking Horse in 2009, we couldn't deal with idea of putting down any more horses. He had been our daughter Susanne's gift from her husband and we took him when she died. So a part of us died with him. But we do have happy memories of our daughter and our horses.
Good luck with your move and if you're moving to my area, please feel free to ask for help if you need it. Sarah

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