Monday, June 24, 2019

Once Upon a Twisted Tale- A Review and Giveaway

Congratulations to Deborah Allmand who won Among the Imposters from last week's blog.

This week I bring you a new book from Gayle Krause, no stranger to my blog. This time, her creativity explodes in wacky, poetic, fractured fairy tales. Ever think of combining Jack and the Beanstalk with The Emperor's New Clothes? Or, what would happen if a princess was turned into a frog as a part of the Pied Piper's march through the streets? How about imagining the Big Bad Wolf falling into Little Hen's kitchen? Gayle Krause has thought of all of these and more as characters from one fairy tale end up in something silly, fun, and unexpected. 


I think the best way to review this collection is to provide teasers from three different tales. 

The Emperor's Bodyguard

Jack fled down the beanstalk
and crashed into the King,
whose royal backside was exposed.
He didn’t wear a thing.

The naked King was trembling.
He only wore his crown.
“Turn back,” yelled Jack. “I need to hack
the giant’s beanstalk down.”

“I need the big guy’s help,” he cried.
“I’ll give him a reward
to catch the thieves who hoodwinked me.
This cannot be ignored.

FracturedA Story-time Pantoum

What makes this a fractured tale of “fairy?”
Spouting poetry, free verse, and rhyme.
Eavesdropping children must be wary,
as I weave these tales at story-time.

Spouting poetry, free verse and, rhyme.
Frogs are Kings, and a princess seeks a quest.
As I weave these tales at story time.
Answers to riddles must be guessed….

A Rat’s Life   

A piper with a flute
led the pesky
rats through town,
down to the river,
where all but
one would drown.
The rat that
survived the deadly
rat parade
was turned into a coachman

for a pretty cinder maid….

Gayle used different types of poems in this collection -- from hip hop to free verse to pantoum-- and readers will be exposed to a variety of poetry forms. With lively illustrations by Caroline O' Neal, this book will delight young readers and the parents or caretakers who read it aloud. Middle school language arts teachers could compare these tales with the original fairy tales and encourage their students to come up with their own fractured fairy tale. 


To enter this giveaway for an autographed copy of Once Upon a Twisted Tale (Clear Fork Publishing, 2019), please leave me a comment by June 27. Make sure you leave me your email address if you are new to this blog. If you want two chances, leave your idea for a twisted fairy tale in the comment box. If Cinderella met the Big Bad Wolf what would the outcome be? Gayle will send an autographed copy of the book to the winner and we promise not to steal your idea. (But I can't vouch for the Gingerbread Man. You never know what he might do!)


Ashley B Greene said...

How neat! I love fractured fairy tales. I would like to see one written from the point of view of the father of Hansel and Gretel. No one ever hears from him!

Connie Porter Saunders said...

This sounds like a fun book. Please enter my name.

Cinderella & The Big Bad Wolf

Cinderella had a very hard life
Nothing could please her family
She scrubbed, she cleaned, she mopped the floors
And still they weren't happy.

The Big Bad Wolf was always in search
Of the next good thing to eat
He scared little girls and grandmothers too
And he continued to search for treats

And then, one night, Cinderella appeared
And he thought "This could actually be nice"
Until the clock struck twelve and those tasty stallions
Turned into two little gray mice!

But all was not lost when the clock struck twelve
Because what he gained was something
That Big Bad Wolf didn't get much meat
But he had lots and lots of pumpkin!

And the moral of this little ditty is that I should leave the writing to Charles Perrault, Mother Goose or the Brother's Grimm.


Carol Baldwin said...

I love your effort, Connie. You're in twice for sure!

Carol Baldwin said...

Great idea, Ashley. Ask your students next year to try and do that!!

Gayle C. Krause said...

Great try, Connie. I'm so happy you referenced Charles Perrault. I like his fairy tales best. :)

Good luck in the giveaway.

Gayle C. Krause said...


Why don't you try your hand at writing a Papa poem for Hansel & Gretel? It's worth 2 chances to win. :) Thanks for the comment.

Rosi said...

I love fractured fairy tales. This looks like a very fun book. Thanks for telling me about it and for a chance to win a copy!

Clara Gillow Clark said...

Fractured fairy tales? What fun to read and maybe even turn into skits for youngsters. I have always loved fairy tales--they are long-time friends from childhood.

Not necessary to include me in the giveaway, Carol, but thanks for sharing rhymes and illustrations from Gayle’s new book.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks friends, for your comments. Rosi--you're in!

Gayle C. Krause said...


Glad you like fractured fairytales. They are fun to read, and some of these are especially humorous. Thanks for commenting. :)

Gayle C. Krause said...

Thanks for stopping by Clara.

Your skit idea is perfect for creative dramatics in the classroom. :)

Keturah Lamb said...

oh, please enter me!

Carol Baldwin said...

You're in Keturah. Thanks!

Gayle C. Krause said...

Thanks for stopping by, Keturah. Good luck! :)

Sandra Warren said...

What a delightful idea and book. I can't wait to read it.

I don't have time to pen one of my own ... a tale that is so just enter me once.

Another wonderful review!

Thanks Carol and Gayle.


Carol Baldwin said...

You're in, Sandra. Thanks!

Grannyjo said...

What a concept! Having read fairy tales as a child, can’t wait to see this book!
Jo Lynn

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Jo Lynn. Already picked a winner--but Gayle will be happy to have you order it online!

Molly Lund said...

I have been looking for this post for days. Thought I was losing my mind�� please enter me in your giveaway. A twisted tale is on my must do list. Now all I need is a twisted point of view!


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Molly, for your message. Unfortunately, I picked a winner this morning. I hope you check out Gayle's book though!

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